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Cyber threats in Canada are increasing.

Train your team to be your human firewall.

Organizations implementing CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training see an average 3x reduction in users clicking on phishing emails.

Canada’s Complete Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform

Training courses

Ready-to launch training

Quickly launch your training with our starter workflow. Core curriculum and phishing tests come pre-configured.  

Canadian, bilingual content

Keep training relevant with Engaging Canadian stories, regulations, and examples in both official languages. 

Customize and Add Your Own Courses

Tailor training to your organization by editing our pre-built courses or upload your own PDF or SCORM 1.2 courses.

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Phishing tests

Automatically phish your users

Our best-in-class phishing engine saves valuable time by automatically sending monthly randomized phishing tests to your users. 

Customizable phishing email library

Create and edit tailored templates based on real phishing emails. Create spear-phishing emails with no coding necessary. 

Leverage remedial training

Automatically assign remedial training to those who click on phishing emails and improve the risk scores of those who report them. 

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More Features, Less Set Up

Risk Scores

Measure individual, department, and organization risk with scores which increases and decreases based on training success. 

Personal dashboards

Each user gets a personal dashboard showing their training progress through individual risk and engagement scores. 

Report-a-phish button

Empower users to report simulations and real phishes with a built-in reporting button for Outlook and Gmail.

Risk advisor

Learn about your organization's unique risk profile using user surveys and training data aggregated in one place.

Detailed reporting

Slice-and-dice training and phishing data to identify repeat clickers, high performing employees, and more.

User sync

Easily and automatically import and remove users and departments using Active Directory.


Empower your people to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Phishing and social engineering continue to be the most common cause of cyber incidents in Canadian organizations, and attacks are getting increasingly sophisticated. Technology doesn’t always stop these attacks, so ongoing training for your staff on how to identify and report threats is essential to protect themselves and your organization. 

While many IT teams don’t have time to build these ongoing programs on their own, CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training makes it easy. Quickly launch our pre-built curriculum and automated phishing program so your IT team can focus on engaging users instead of administering training tools. On top of being easy to launch, CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training is more than just a training platform – it’s a tool to measure your organization’s cyber risk profile and help you implement a plan to reduce it. Schedule a free, no-obligation meeting to learn more about the platform today.  

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Real Canadian Examples

More effective training with courses and phishing simulations that actually resonate with your users.

Off-the-shelf Deployment

Save countless hours with our pre-built curriculum, courses and automated phishing campaigns.

Gamified Training

Risk scores, badges and leader boards engage your staff so that training sticks.

We’ve had nothing but really positive feedback from staff that have come up to us personally and said, ‘Hey, we’re learning a lot of stuff that we never knew before, and the platform provides this to us in a very easy way.’

Kevin C. Director of IT, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology

Proud partners

We're working with the following organizations to bring training into workplaces in higher education and municipal sectors across Canada:

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Municipal Information Systems Association

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Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia (MIABC)

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The Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network