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A platform for cybersecurity awareness training should make your job of protecting employees easier, not harder.

Many tools have a complex pricing structure, which makes it difficult to quickly and cheaply get the training curriculum you need for your organization. IT and security teams don't have time to build their own program, or the resources to pay for implementation consultants to do it for them.

Canadians also need courses and phishing templates that reflect the Canadian landscape to make training more relevant—something that American platforms don't spend as much time on.

Here are a few reasons why Canadian organizations choose our cybersecurity awareness training and phishing platform over American providers:

Real Canadian Examples

More effective training with courses and phishing templates that actually reflect your users.

Off-the-shelf Deployment

Automation that is unlike anything else in the market is faster and more effective.

Simple Pricing Structure

Your license gets you everything. No nickel-and-diming for specific courses or features. 

  • Need to customize? You can add or edit training courses and phishing templates.

  • Automated, randomized phishing tests to avoid the "gopher effect"

  • Personal dashboards with individual cyber risk scores provide context to training

  • Robust reporting to measure who has completed training and who clicked on phishing tests

  • Cloud-based with simple configuration, single sign-on, and Active Directory integration

  • Easy to add Report-a-Phish Button to help employees report suspicious emails


Did we mention we're Canadian?

If your platform isn't tailored to Canadians, your training won't be as effective. Here's how we make a truly Canadian experience, eh:

  • Courses include Canadian laws and stories.
  • Phishing templates use Canadian spelling—don't worry, we don't charge you for the extra "u"s.
  • Phishing templates include Canadian examples, like "your maple syrup delivery is ready at Canada Post".
  • The platform is polite to your employees. Seriously. 
Person with hands on laptop keyboard

Comprehensively meets all our requirements for a platform and service o­ffering in this space. It innovatively addresses our security awareness needs.

Jamie Rees, CISO, NB Power

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