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Canadian municipalities have unique cybersecurity concerns and needs

Municipalities typically support a diverse group of geographically dispersed users over corporate and public networks. They are also digitizing and integrating more services and IoT projects. This combination makes them a high-profile target for cyber-crime. With CIRA, municipalities get cybersecurity that is delivered from Canadian servers, peered to networks that are close to Canadian users, and maintain data privacy and sovereignty. 

CIRA shares the vision of serving Canadians by helping to build a better online Canada. 

How CIRA can help municipal IT managers 

Municipal IT managers benefit from a defence-in-depth strategy that delivers appropriate and cost-effective cybersecurity to their different user types. CIRA helps municipalities across Canada with two services related to cybersecurity:CIRA DNS Firewall to help keep malware off your network and CIRA Anycast DNS to protect the public DNS from DDoS attacks and help keep websites, applications and email online.

We wanted to make sure the City’s information is better protected and that Hamiltonians can access online services with reliability and speed. CIRA is an excellent choice for the City of Hamilton.

Peter MacNeil Chief security and technology architect for the City of Hamilton

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