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Canada’s cyber threat landscape is evolving.
Train your people to be your human firewall. 

Canadian small and midsize businesses are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals, and security tools can’t block every threat. Your people are often your last line of defense, and you need to make sure they are properly trained to protect your organization.  

CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training is a leading solution that helps transform your people from potential vulnerabilities to your greatest cybersecurity assets. Our clients love our platform because of its:  

  • Proven risk-reducing methodology  

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Quick and easy setup  

  • Comprehensive course and email template library 

Get CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training today for your organization and start training your people to be your human firewall.  

More features, less set-up time

Automated phishing

Best-in-class automated phishing engine sends increasingly difficult simulations as users progress. Those who click on simulation links are automatically assigned remedial training.  


Online courses

Engaging and customizable Canadian courses on a wide variety of cybersecurity topics including phishing, password protection, and cloud security.   


Cyber risk score

Gamified training gives users ownership of their progress and allows for admins to monitor each individual’s cyber risk profile.  


Admin dashboard

Pre-configured dashboard allows you to quickly assess training completion, risk scores, simulation results, and more all in one place.  


Risk Advisor

View your organization’s top risks based on performance statistics and self-assessment results and get actionable recommendations to mitigate them.  


Refresher training

Keeping cybersecurity top-of-mind, users will automatically be assigned a refresher course each year in addition to regular workflows. 


What to have handy for set-up:

  • Staff email address list
  • One email address to be the admin
  • Desired training start date
  • Know which centralized email system is used for your workplace (GSuite, O365, etc.)

A full set-up guide will be provided once you checkout.

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Get Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Small Teams

A gamified, engaging training program

How it works  

CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training comes with a pre-configured initial workflow to make launching quick and easy. Users will:  

  1. Complete a survey: Users will answer questions on their cybersecurity behaviours and perceptions (e.g. "Have you shared your work password with someone else?").  

  1. Take four courses: Users will learn cybersecurity basics and take a short quiz at the end of each course. 

  1. Get sent three simulated phishing emails: Users will be sent phishing simulation emails, and should report them for maximum points. 

  1. Be assigned a baseline risk score: Each user’s individual score will go up and down over time, based on subsequent training. 

After the initial workflow, users will be assigned automated adaptive simulations every month, and a course every other month. 

Admins can view the risk score for each user and the average score for their entire organization, and access advanced reporting which includes guidance on how to reduce cyber risk. 

A quick tour of the platform

Learn more about phishing simulations, dashboards, courses and more.

Not sure if the Small Teams option is right for you?

Our Small Teams option offers the convenience of full automation of a training program, while our full solution provides admins with more advanced functionality and customization.

CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness Training Small Teams Full Solution
Best for workplaces with...: 5-50 employees 51 or more employees; including an IT team
Unique features:

Simple set-up: Upload user list and select one admin. Contact CIRA to add or remove users.

Phish-forward address to report simulations provided by CIRA

Automatic phishing simulations sent to users once/month

User Sync with Active Directory/G Suite/O365

Multiple admins


Option to configure a report-a-phish button directly in your mail client

Ability to customize course content and phishing simulations

Ability to view reports, assign courses etc. by department

Pricing $50/user annually Contact us

Five steps to successful training

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