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Frank Michlick

Slate: Member
Province: Quebec

Candidate Statement

Greetings, CIRA Members,

I’m excited to be a candidate in the forthcoming CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) Board elections. I’m Frank Michlick, and I bring over twenty years of domain industry experience to the table. My focus is crystal clear – ensuring the enduring strength of CIRA’s core responsibility, the .CA domain.

The internet has changed our lives, and domain registries are the unsung heroes in this transformation. The .CA domain isn’t just a web address; it’s a piece of Canada’s digital identity – its values, innovation, and the diverse voices it represents.

As a CIRA board member, my main aim is to solidify the .CA registry’s foundation. I understand that a reliable domain system is the backbone of a thriving internet. I’ll be dedicated to making sure that getting a .CA domain is seamless for all users, maintaining the trust that this domain has rightfully earned.

My top priority is shedding light on the essence of CIRA – its core functions. I’m committed to transparency and clarity. I look forward to engaging in conversations with the individuals and groups who use .CA domains, along with those who register them. Together, let’s shape policies and guidelines that make sense and keep pace with the ever-evolving internet landscape.

However, this isn’t solely rooted in technicalities. My career journey has been a testament to my devotion to domains. With years of experience in the domain industry, including my current role as Domains Product Manager at WHC, one of Canada’s top registrars, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of equitable internet access. In an era where the internet is a driving force behind progress, my commitment lies in ensuring that every Canadian possesses the necessary skills and resources to navigate the digital realm proficiently.

Collaboration is key to my approach. I thrive on bouncing ideas off fellow board members, CIRA’s talented team, and external stakeholders. By pooling our collective wisdom, we can devise innovative strategies to enhance the .CA domain’s prominence and accessibility.

My commitment to you, CIRA members, is to serve with diligence, foresight, and unwavering dedication to our shared objectives. Your trust and support mean everything to me, and I promise to tirelessly advocate for the growth and resilience of our Canadian online presence.

In the upcoming CIRA Board elections, I humbly ask for your vote. Together, we can shape a future where the .CA domain isn’t just a technical entity; it’s a testament to Canada’s digital progress. If you have any questions or thoughts, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for considering me.

Warm regards,

Frank Michlick

Mandatory Questions

1. Explain from your perspective what CIRA does and why it matters.

CIRA is the guardian of the .CA top-level domain (TLD) that embodies Canada’s online identity. Its responsibilities encompass domain registration, policy enforcement, DNS management, cybersecurity, and fostering digital innovation.

CIRA’s core functions span beyond domain registration; it establishes policies to maintain a secure and trustworthy online environment. By managing a robust Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure, CIRA ensures accurate and swift navigation for users. This infrastructure bolsters the resilience of Canada’s internet against cyber threats and disruptions.

CIRA’s impact reverberates across various spheres. Firstly, it upholds Canada’s national identity by curating a distinct online presence. This reinforces the country’s culture, commerce, and communication on a global stage. Secondly, CIRA’s vigilance in cybersecurity and policy enforcement engenders digital trust. Businesses and individuals can engage in secure online transactions and communication under its watchful eye.

Economically, CIRA plays a pivotal role in promoting business growth. Providing a reliable platform for businesses to establish an online presence facilitates connections with customers and contributes to economic advancement. Moreover, CIRA’s dedication to digital innovation and research fortifies Canada’s position in the technological arena.

2. Why do you want to be on CIRA’s Board of Directors? In responding, please indicate how you would contribute as a CIRA Board Member and what specific skills and experience you bring that makes you a qualified candidate.

It’s all about amplifying the voice of the .CA domain and ensuring its enduring value in our digital landscape. With my experience and passion, I can bring something unique to the table.

First off, let’s talk contribution. As a CIRA board member, my primary focus would be on nurturing the core of CIRA – the .CA registry. I believe in the power of stability and security when it comes to domain infrastructure. My experience, which spans over two decades in the domain industry, along with my current role as the Domains Product Manager at WHC, one of Canada’s top 10 registrars, equips me with a deep understanding of what makes a registry tick.

I’m not just about tech specs, though. I have a strong drive for leveling the digital playing field. It’s not just about web addresses; it’s about empowering every Canadian with the skills and tools to make the most of the online world. My work in the industry, coupled with my commitment to digital literacy, positions me well to make a meaningful impact in this area.

When it comes to skills and experience, I’m not short on either. My journey has been a blend of learning from the industry’s ups and downs, and I’ve been fortunate to contribute in various roles. Now, as a product manager at a hosting company, I’m in tune with the needs of both registrants and registrars. This holistic view allows me to approach challenges with a well-rounded perspective.

I thrive on collaboration. Be it brainstorming sessions with fellow board members, or partnering with stakeholders to find innovative solutions, I’m all about synergy. My goal is to create an environment where diverse voices are heard, where policies reflect the real-world needs of the community.

In a nutshell, my candidacy is fueled by a mix of experience, commitment, and a genuine belief in the power of the .CA domain. I want to be a bridge between the technical side and the people who actually use it. So, why do I want to be on CIRA’s Board of Directors? Because I see the potential for growth, for positive change, and for ensuring that the .CA domain remains a symbol of our Canadian digital identity.

3. What do you think are the top 3 challenges and opportunities facing CIRA in the next 3 to 5 years? What approach would you take to address these issues?

The next few years will be crucial for CIRA, and addressing the key challenges and seizing the opportunities will define our success. Here are my thoughts on the top three challenges and my proposed approach:

1. Lack of Membership Engagement:
Encouraging active participation and involvement from CIRA’s membership is paramount. Apathy can undermine the vibrant community we aim to foster. To tackle this, I suggest a multi-faceted approach:

a) Transparency and Communication: Open lines of communication are essential. Regular newsletters, town hall meetings, and webinars can ensure that members are informed about CIRA’s initiatives, policies, and achievements.

b) Member Inclusivity: Give members a real say. Establishing platforms for feedback, where members can contribute their ideas and concerns, can make them feel valued and part of the decision-making process.

c) Education and Engagement Initiatives: Improve existing campaigns about the importance of internet governance and the role CIRA plays. Hosting online seminars, workshops, and online forums can encourage participation and awareness.

2. New Round of Top-Level Domains (TLDs):
The advent of another application round for new TLDs at ICANN presents both opportunities and challenges. Here’s how I’d navigate it:

a) Market Analysis: Research the TLD landscape thoroughly. Understand the potential demand, competition, and relevance to the Canadian context.

b) Continue to strengthen .CA Differentiation: Highlight what makes .CA domains unique. Emphasize their connection to Canadian identity, which is particularly crucial for local businesses and individuals.

c) Engage the Community: Involve the community in decision-making by conducting surveys or holding forums.

3. Preventing Further Price Increases:

Ensuring the financial stability of CIRA while keeping prices affordable for registrants is crucial.

a) Efficiency & Cost Review: Streamline internal processes and operational costs to identify areas where improvements may be made without compromising the quality of service.

b) Member & Stakeholder Input: Engage with stakeholders to understand their concerns about potential price increases. By involving them in the discussion, you can jointly brainstorm creative solutions that align with their expectations and the financial needs of CIRA.

c) Long-Term Planning: Develop a strategic plan that outlines how CIRA aims to maintain affordability over time. This plan can include projections, benchmarks, and specific measures that will be taken to avoid sudden price hikes.

d) Regular Review: Continue to conduct regular reviews of financial health and pricing structures. This proactive approach can help identify potential issues before they escalate and allow for timely adjustments.

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