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When choosing a cybersecurity service you want to know it is quality. That means that it adds a beneficial layer to things like antivirus or traditional firewall software. DNS-based cybersecurity has been proven to reduce the number of malicious downloads by end users. And isn’t it great to know that we will never try to monetize your data. It is all about helping to build a trusted internet in Canada.

Powerful threat detection and blocking

The bad news is that the domain name system (DNS) is leveraged in more than 90 per cent of all malware and phishing attacks. The good news is that CIRA has more than 20 years’ experience running a Canadian-centric DNS infrastructure and has extended this expertise to cybersecurity and DNS privacy.

CIRA Canadian Shield analyzes billions of DNS queries and blocks about 100,000 new malicious domains every day – and we do it very quickly. CIRA along with our partner Akamai, detects and adds these threats to our block list within minutes of them appearing anywhere on the web.

In addition to the unique and powerful threat detection, CIRA Canadian Shield incorporates threat feeds from top cybersecurity vendors and from the open-source community.

Canadian data centres

As a Canadian non-profit corporation, we have located all the service infrastructure in Canada. This means that DNS queries have faster response time and helps to ensure that any personal data stays inside Canada rather than get stored on foreign servers.

With data centres located in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, your queries are answered by the closest available server using a technology called “anycast”. This ensures not only a fast response time but also, in the event of an attack or other outage, that your queries are automatically redirected to the next closest node. It is a key component to ensure that you are getting a reliable service

Keep your data private

Nothing on the internet is 100 per cent private. Somebody has to see your data in order to route you to the right website. When you choose a DNS or security provider you are making a decision about whom to bring into your circle of trust and we would like CIRA to be one of your top choices.

CIRA is a Canadian not-for-profit with no interest in using your data for marketing purposes or in selling it to others. We offer CIRA Canadian Shield to all households as a part of our mission to help to build a more trusted internet for all Canadians.

At CIRA, we have been quietly routing and connecting Canadians to the internet for more than 20 years – without selling their data to advertisers.

Protection for all your devices

CIRA Canadian Shield has been engineered to provide protection for all your devices both on the home network and while roaming. By configuring the service on your home router/gateway all of the devices that use your home network will be protected. You can also configure Canadian Shield on your individual computers by changing the DNS settings in the operating system or applicable application.  Finally, CIRA Canadian Shield is available as an Android and iOS app to protect your mobile devices.

Safe family content filtering option

CIRA Canadian Shield allows you to (optionally) select a DNS server that is configured to block pornographic content in addition to malware and phishing protection.  We use a third-party categorization engine to block pornographic content on your network and devices. Remember that CIRA does not track or monitor what sites have been accessed on your network.