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Diverse Group of Professionals Meeting in Modern Office: IT Programmers Use Computer, Talk Strategy, Discuss Planning and security

With the rapid adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and the merging of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), cyber-physical threats now pose a more urgent and serious risk to Canada’s critical infrastructure sector than ever before.

Help keep Canada’s supply chain stable and secure by ensuring your organization is protected using CIRA’s trusted cybersecurity products.

Cyber attacks threaten to destabilize Canada’s critical infrastructure operators and knock essential services that Canadians depend on offline.

Threats to critical infrastructure in Canada

CIRA tools blocked over 200 million requests from reaching networks in the critical infrastructure sector in July and August of 2023

Over 600,000 of those blocks came in the energy sector

Over 180,000 million blocks happened in Ontario


Shot of a group of businesspeople working together in a modern office

How do we protect the critical infrastructure sector against cyber threats?

Low-friction: CIRA solutions easily onboard its solutions with customers’ existing network infrastructure, making us a perfect solution for the critical infrastructure sector

High value: CIRA delivers protection against potent cyberthreats at a reasonable price

Canadian-centric solutions: CIRA brings the best of international cybersecurity expertise and delivers it in a Canadian environment


Today, CIRA is already trusted by over eight million Canadians to protect them at home, work, and school against cyber threats.

Did you know over 600 Canadian critical infrastructure providers use CIRA Cybersecurity Services to combat cyberthreats?

It’s very likely we already help protect you or someone close to you – and you didn’t even know.

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