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Layers of protection with CIRA Cybersecurity Awareness TrainingCIRA DNS Firewall

As Canadians know, layers help protect us – both from the cold and when it comes to a defense-in-depth strategy for cybersecurity.

Employee training helps reduce risk at the human layer of defense. But sometimes even the most tech-savvy employees can be caught off-guard. For any cyber attacks that make it through, leveraging DNS, CIRA DNS Firewall protects your network by blocking access to malicious websites.



Cybersecurity Awareness

Training features:

Phishing simulations

Help employees recognize phishing red flags and report suspicious emails – reduce click rates by 60% in one year (2021 analysis by CIRA).

100+ pre-built courses

Employees learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity through engaging courses and quizzes.

Gamified training experience

Personal risk scores, badges and leader boards engage your staff so their training actually sticks.

Off-the-shelf deployment

We save IT teams time – get up and running with a training program that can be launched in minutes.

Canadian content

Courses that teach local laws and cite Canadian stats make training more relevant for workplaces in Canada.

Reports and dashboards

Admins can take action based on training data to further protect their organizations.

DNS Firewall features:

Dynamic threat detection

Detecting and blocking over 100,000 threats every day with public and commercial partners including Akamai.

Ensured privacy, resilience and increased speed

100% delivered from local data centres and peered to Canadian networks.

Content filtering and policy management

Making it easy to integrate with your other IT processes.


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We provide affordable cybersecurity solutions to all sizes of organizations across Canada – from protecting thousand of users in educational institutions to offering a simplified training platform for small businesses without IT teams.

Pricing and service options

Number of users <100 users >100 users >100 users
Service(s) Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Small Teams Cybersecurity Awareness (Enterprise) Cybersecurity Awareness Training + CIRA DNS Firewall
Price $50 per user, per year Starting at $1,500 per year Starting at $2,500 per year


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