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If you are visiting CIRA for the first time, or know us mainly for our 20+ year history as the .CA domain name registry then welcome! CIRA has been providing cybersecurity services to organizations across Canada for over five years. One of these services is the CIRA DNS Firewall that is protecting over 1.8 million Canadians in organizations of all sizes.
  CIRA Canadian Shield CIRA DNS Firewall
Malware protection
Phishing protection
Encrypted DNS (DNS over HTTPs and  TLS) available ✔ 
Content filtering (optional) ✔ Pornographic content only ✔ Over 60 categories
Data resides in Canada
Administrative panel
Dedicated infrastructure
Report on threat activity
Custom policies at the network level
API integration for SIEM, PSA or other systems
100% up-time service level agreement
Support Email only 24×7
Dynamic IP support n/a

Need the extra features in the commercial service? Visit the product page to start a trial or request a demo.