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Canada’s Digital Divide

Despite being one of the world’s most connected countries, Canada has a digital equity gap. Millions of Canadians lack even the most basic access to the internet, preventing them from fully participating in society and the digital economy.  

CIRA’s granting program is one of the few non-government funding sources and our resources can fund just 15 per cent of the projects submitted through our annual Grants call. Dozens of underserved communities across the country are not getting the funding they need.  

If you’re a funder there are many ways you can make a difference, from channeling some of your resources into CIRA’s Net Good Grants program or exploring partnerships with other organizations committed to helping communities achieve digital equity. You can also develop your own digital equity funding program. Take a look at our research reports to get started.

CIRA Grants

CIRA Grants fund community-led internet projects to build a resilient, trusted and secure internet for all Canadians.