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How to register your .CA domain name

1. Search for an available .CA

Find out if a domain name is available to register using the search tool above.

2. Choose a registrar

A registrar will sell you the available domain. The search tool will allow you to choose from a list of certified companies.

3. Complete your registration

Buy the domain from the registrar’s platform using their e-commerce tool. You can usually buy a domain for 1, 2 and 5 years.

Why buy a .CA domain?

85% of Canadians prefer a .CA when supporting local businesses…

  • Whether you’re hosting a website or building an online store, with a .CA domain name visitors will automatically know you are Canadian.


  • For searches in Canada about Canadian topics, search engines like Google tend to favour local results, meaning your business will be found in the online local search results easier.


  • Establish trust in the Canadian market. A .CA is a top-level domain and recognized as a safe, secure, and trusted resource for Canadians.

Find your .CA today!

Use our search tool to find an available domain, then select a registrar to complete your registration.

Registrars sell domains at different price points and combine domain purchases with other helpful services - find one that meets your needs.