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Board of Directors’ Meeting
July 20, 2022
2:30 p.m.  – 4:30 p.m. ET
Via Webex

Directors attending: Liza Aboud, Iris Almeida-Côté, Colleen Arnold, Gwen Beauchemin, Anne Butler, Andrew Escobar, Eric Hill, Jill Kowalchuk (Chair), Crystal Nett, Samantha Ventresca, Alourdes Sully, Rob Villeneuve

Advisors: John Demco, Byron Holland, Charles Noir

Corporate Secretary: Brigitte LeBlanc-Lapointe

Recording Secretary: Lynn Gravel

Guests: Albert Chang, Jane Fulford

1.  Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of the Draft Minutes of the June 8, 2022 and June 29, 2022 Board of Directors’ Meetings

3. Approval of the 2022 Audited Financial Statements

4. CIRA By-law

5. Other Business

6. Next Meeting: September 14, 2022

7. In-Camera Session

8. Adjournment