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Behdzi Ahda First Nation Band is the designated administrative authority for the community of Colville Lake in the Northwest Territories. Like other First Nations communities in Canada, they experience challenges related to connectivity and online safety – with the added threat of a virus infecting their community network and spreading by email, compromising many of their contacts including territorial and federal government staff. With security top of mind, Behdzi Ahda First Nation Band received a CIRA grant to fill a gap in digital knowledge and provide office workers, community and youth leaders, maintenance staff and land operators with comprehensive training in computer networks, cybersecurity issues, and the consequences of digital protocol breaches.


One of the most popular aspects of the program was emergency and rescue communication techniques, which trained hunters and land users on how to use portable Starlink dishes at hunting cabins to send a message to the Band Office in case of an emergency. As a result of this project, data security increased across the organization’s departments and individuals have a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities towards the Nation’s computer network.



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