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A platform for cybersecurity awareness training should make your job of protecting employees easier, not harder.

Proofpoint is a multi-service security vendor targeting the multinational market with a suite of services. If you are looking for the best in training, CIRA is your prime choice for Canadian organizations.

Customers that choose CIRA tell us that they do so because of the ease of deployment with our highly automated platform. IT teams don’t need to do anything to generate random, contextual, and effective simulations with remedial training as appropriate. CIRA’s effective reporting and management along with end-user gamification also helps to set-us apart from the alternatives. 

Here are a few more reasons why Canadian organizations choose our cybersecurity awareness training and phishing platform over American providers:

Data sovereignty 

Delivered from servers in Canada, for better data protection, sovereignty and performance. 

Friendly sales and support team

No aggressive website pop-ups or spam; chat with real people who will help get your training program up and running in no time.

Simple pricing structure

Your license gets you everything. No nickel-and-diming for specific courses or features. 

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How we make training more effective for Canadian workplaces:

  • Courses include Canadian stories, describe Canadian privacy laws, and mention Canadian cybersecurity instutitions.
  • Phishing templates use Canadian spelling—don’t worry, we don’t charge you for the extra “u”s.
  • Phishing templates include Canadian examples, like “your maple syrup delivery is ready at Canada Post”.
  • The platform is polite to your employees. Seriously. 
Caught a Phish

Considering Proofpoint? See for yourself how we can make it easier on you.

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