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To provide some relief to healthcare and small business we are making our malware and phishing cybersecurity service free to help these impacted communities until Sept 30.

Malware Protection


Canada is in a fight. As our country rallies together to battle COVID-19, hackers are trying to exploit the situation for their own gain. As healthcare workers work tirelessly to protect us; small businesses pivot online; and teachers educate our kids from home, the value of a safe internet has never been more clear.

To provide some relief to these organizations who are keeping Canada running, from April 1 – September 30 we are making our malware and phishing cybersecurity service free to help these impacted communities. We are also delivering some permanent solutions for Canadian households.




Malware Protection


Free DNS Firewall for hospitals, medical clinics and healthcare facilities

To protect those who are protecting us, all healthcare facilities in Canada can secure their networks with free access to CIRA DNS Firewall, until September 30, 2020. CIRA DNS Firewall uses the DNS to block malware and phishing and disables botnet command and control via the DNS. It’s an additive layer of Canadian protection that improves cybersecurity in health and is already protecting some of Canada’s top hospitals.

For healthcare and front-line workers, we are offering early access to CIRA Canadian Shield (see below) to protect their home networks and personal devices.

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Free DNS Firewall for small businesses

Small businesses are struggling. Some are pivoting to online services, others are working remotely. During this difficult time, all small businesses and non profits (with fewer than 100 users) can protect their networks with free access to CIRA DNS Firewall, until September 30, 2020. Layered cybersecurity is critical for organizations of all sizes. With the CIRA DNS Firewall you get malware and phishing protection in a cloud service with minimal configuration for both fixed and dynamic IP addresses.

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CIRA Canadian Shield

Free DNS service to protect students and remote workers from malware and phishing

As much of the country shifts to remote work, personal and household devices and networks are under increased scrutiny from hackers. CIRA Canadian Shield provides DNS-level privacy and security protection for teachers, students, doctors, nurse and remote workers. This is a free service from CIRA as part of our mandate to build a trusted internet for all Canadians.

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Free training course: Cybersecurity for remote workers

Working and studying from home comes with unique cybersecurity risks—but it’s not hard to take simple steps towards protecting yourself. This free course is taken from our Cybersecurity Awareness Training platform and explains some of the threats you face when working from home, and several tips you can follow both online and offline.

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The official program is now over. But the end of the pandemic is not yet here and so for hospitals and health care providers we are still here to help. Complete the form to discuss options.