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DNS cookies for cybersecurity

Table of contents

This three-part course provides an online excerpt of Men and Mice’s industry leading DNS training course. For more information about their full courses in your area, please visit their website.

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Part 1 – Introduction

The internet is old enough that we can say, “this is not your father’s DNS”.  This chapter covers what DNS cookies are and how they provide protection for queriers, domain name resolvers, the innocent, and DNS servers. 




Part 2 – Fundamentals of DNS cookies

This chapter covers client vs server cookies and their expected query responses. It also covers how they respond to different queries (valid vs invalid) in the case of on- and off-path attacks. 

Part 3 – Advanced client vs server cookies

Using dig, this chapter shows what is happening in the DNS message. It will also review cookie options and how to use them. Finally, we will summarize how DNS cookies are a great lightweight security solution.