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What’s up with the internet?
A podcast

CIRA presents What’s up with the internet? a serial podcast delving into the good, the bad and ugly around one of the world’s greatest resources—the internet. If you’ve ever asked our titular question, this podcast is for you.

Your host, acclaimed Canadian journalist Takara Small, navigates today’s most pressing internet issues alongside commentary and guest interviews from tech leaders and internet experts. What’s up with the internet? is an opportunity to explore the challenges the internet poses and more importantly, discover solutions.

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Takara Small is Canadian journalist and radio host. She is a radio columnist for CBC (Canada’s public broadcaster), radio contributor for BBC Radio and host at 680 News. Additionally, she was named one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada for her contributions to media and recently named a Young Leaders of America Fellow.


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Season one:
produced by Kevin McAnena

Episode 1:
The urban/rural divide

What’s up with the digital divide? Host Takara Small interviews Canadians that don’t have reliable broadband and offers a glimpse on the impact it has on their lives. We also explore the barriers to getting everyone connected. Guests include Patrika McEvoy (Haida Gwaii), Mark Buell (Connect Humanity) and Colleen McCormick (Coastal First Nations).

Episode 2:
Affordability and the class divide

Canada is home to some of the most expensive internet plans in the world. With rising costs of living, what happens to those left behind? Hear perspectives from Joel Templeman (Internet Society Manitoba Chapter) and Ray Noyes (ACORN Canada).

Episode 3:
Competition — Coming September 21

In Canada, the lack of competition among internet providers plays a major role in exacerbating the digital inequity (and the expensive mobile data plans) that Canadians have come to accept. This episode explores what this means for the average Canadian, with a dive into the regulations involved. Featuring guest interviews from tech critic Paris Marx (the Tech Won’t Save Us podcast) and internet activist Bryson Masse.

Episode 4:
Internet literacy — Coming September 28

Description coming soon.