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CIRA members vote to elect four board directors

Starting today, CIRA members will begin casting their votes for candidates in the 2023 board election. The voting period ends at 12:30 p.m. ET on October 4, 2023.

CIRA members play an important role in electing the leaders that will guide CIRA through the next three years of its mandate. This year, members will elect four candidates—three from the nomination committee slate and one from the members’ slate.

Members may cast their vote to elect directors through an online ballot. To access the ballot, each eligible member will receive an email on September 27 containing a link to the voting site and a unique voter ID and PIN number to login.

The election results will be published on our site on or before October 9, 2023.

Information about CIRA’s board election and the final candidates is available on the CIRA site.

About CIRA

CIRA is the national not-for-profit best known for managing the .CA domain on behalf of all Canadians. As a leader in Canada’s internet ecosystem, CIRA offers a wide range of products, programs and services designed to make the internet a safe, secure and accessible space for all. CIRA represents Canada on both national and international stages to support its goal of building a trusted internet for Canadians and helping shape the future of the internet.