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Co-op at CIRA: Virtual Summer 2020

By Julia Hickey
Human Resources

Here are the main takeaways and favourite experiences from this summer’s student co-op team.

As we transitioned to working remotely, we also welcomed a new team to CIRA: our co-op students. We’re proud to offer co-op terms every year that shape careers and set a competitive advantage for a student’s future. This year, for the students, it also provided them a taste of what it’s like to work on a remote team.

Accepting challenges head-on, students learned about internet governance, Domain Name Systems (DNS), registry design, cloud technologies, data analytics, and continuous software integration through the various projects they contributed to over the summer.

Apart from their jobs, students also participated in internal all-staff and team virtual events including, a series of CIRA creative battles competitions, product releases, showcases (sometimes sharing their work with nearly the whole organization!) and industry events.

Here’s what the 2020 summer co-op students had to say about their experience:  

Georgia Evans, Policy and Advocacy Analyst

What attracted you to joining the CIRA team?


John Forsythe, Application Developer

What advice would you give future co-op students?

Kira Taylor, .CA Marketing Coordinator

What was your favorite experience?


Mahyar Gorji, Automation Developer

What was an overall take away from your summer term/ what did you learn?

David Gallo, Product Data Analyst

What was your favorite experience?


Daniel Innes, Application Developer

What attracted you to joining the CIRA team?

Thanks to all of our co-op students for a wonderful summer and being part of our CIRA team!


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About the author
Julia Hickey

Julia Hickey works on the Human Resources team at CIRA. She has experience in the technology world, with a background in cybersecurity and policy compliance. Her interests include strengthening company culture and strategic planning.