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Here’s everything CIRA is doing to help internet users during COVID-19

We’ve made a number of recent announcements about what we are doing to promote a trusted internet and support our local community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here they are, all in one place.

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. In Canada, efforts to curb the spread of the virus have significantly shifted the day-to-day routines of internet users and the operations of businesses, schools, public institutions, and organizations like CIRA.

While widespread social distancing, school closures, and work from home have created unprecedented disruption, it has also created opportunities for businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and everyday citizens to step up and help those in need.

As a technology not-for-profit with a mission to establish a trusted internet for Canadians, CIRA is leveraging its resources, products and services to help people through this pandemic. Over the last several weeks, we’ve made a number of announcements about what we are doing to promote a trusted internet for Canadians and support our local community here in Ottawa.

Here are all of those announcements in one place:

1. We have donated $10,000 to the Ottawa Food Bank to help hungry families during this time of need.


2. We are working with our registrar, government, cybersecurity, and ccTLD partners to monitor any “coronavirus” or “COVID-19” related domain registrations and help curb COVID-19-related cyberattacks.


3. We are offering our D-Zone DNS Firewall service to protect hospitals, healthcare facilities, and small businesses from cyber attacks for the next six months, free of charge.


4. CIRA is also opening up access to a free Cybersecurity Awareness Training course for remote workers as well as students and teachers who are learning from home.


5. We launched CIRA Canadian Shield, which provides free DNS-based privacy and cybersecurity protection for Canadian internet users. Get all the details here.

6. We have donated $10,000 in cash to the Ottawa Mission, one of the National Capital Regions’ most important organizations providing food, shelter and clothing for the homeless.


7. Our $1M+ Community Investment Program granting initiative is currently reviewing applications for projects that will help advance CIRA’s goal of establishing a trusted internet for Canadians.

8. CIRA continues to support Internet Exchange Points across Canada. Learn how they’re helping keep Canada’s internet safe and stable during COVID-19 here and here.


Stay tuned for more updates! We will be sure to share new announcements over the coming weeks.