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Perspectives on inclusivity in tech on International Women’s Day

By Shehnila Sayeed
Communications Specialist

International Women’s Day is all about celebrating and honouring women’s achievements. In honour of this day, we took to CIRA’s hallways and gathered some of our colleague’s top resources and insights on tech and inclusivity.

CIRA’s own Delphine Avomo Evouna, Communications Specialist, illustrated portraits of our team to showcase their perspectives visually. 

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”, recognizing and celebrating those who champion the transformative power of technology and highlight the need for gender equality in the world of innovation and technology. With technology and our people central to everything we do at CIRA, we asked our team to answer the same question:

How does technology help encourage inclusivity in your day-to-day life? 

Holleh Rahmati, Creative Manager 

Technology provides a platform for thought leaders and business owners to expand their reach beyond local communities. Their digital stories help expand world views, activating communities to lead initiatives for positive change in all facets of equality.

Resource: Holleh recommends the podcast Archetypes with Meghan on Spotify, exploring and dismantling the stereotypes that hold women back. 

Matt Larose, DevOps Manager 

Technology enables people to exist outside of their physical communities, enabling dissemination of their struggles and successes to those local and afar. This allows me a more diverse, inclusive and holistic view of my day-to-day interactions with people, and the interactions of the systems at work in our society. 

Resource: Videos from YouTube creator, ContraPoints. Natalie is a video essayist exploring a wide range of topics including politics, gender, ethics, race and philosophy. 

portrait of a woman on a red background with the quote

Anika Mukherjee, Senior Data Analyst 

As a member of two visible minority groups, technology encourages inclusivity in my life by affording me anonymity and privacy when I need it. Removing some initial (and likely subconscious) biases helps me get a seat at tables I want to sit at, without being refused at the door. 

Resource: The Financial Diet, a hub for women to learn and talk about money. The Financial Diet removes the taboo around women discussing their finances and helps them live a better life on any budget. 

Uchechi Ede, Business Development Associate 

Virtual collaboration tools have enabled CIRA’s hybrid work environment to have an effective, continuous feedback loop, enhancing inclusivity within the team. 

Resource: Lean in Network Canada, made up of local communities of professional women empowering each other to build purposeful and fulfilling careers. 

Josh Tabish, Senior Manager, Policy and Advocacy 

At its best, technology can help us address power imbalances and make better, more equitable decisions together. 

Resource: Campbell River and North Island Transition Society (CRNITS), an organization providing safe shelter and access to community based resources for women and children.  

Sanita Alias, Vice-president, People, Culture & Brand 

Technology has given me access to various communications channels, enabling me to easily connect with more people and hear different perspectives. These diverse stories allow me to gain knowledge, develop and learn. 

Resource: White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP), a culture-change consulting firm that is committed to shifting the way diversity is practiced by fully engaging white men as integral partners. 

Georgia Evans, Policy & Advocacy Analyst 

Technology and platforms have facilitated the establishment of community-led norms, like the use of closed captions, voiceovers and information sharing, resulting in accessible and inclusive spaces for all.   

Resources: Action Canada, a charitable organization advancing sexual and reproductive rights in Canada, Equal Voice, a non-profit that promotes the election of women to all levels of Canadian politics, and Hero, a podcast about how women across the globe create change through economic empowerment. 

Additional resources 

That’s not all, we’ve compiled more of our favourite resources to celebrate International Women’s Day with places to donate, podcasts to listen to, books to add to your reading list and women-led shows and movies to watch. 

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About the author
Shehnila Sayeed

Shehnila is a Communications Specialist at CIRA. Shehnila comes from an agency background where she’s had experience executing campaigns for some of Canada’s leading brands.