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11 local .CA businesses to celebrate on International Women’s Day

By Kira Taylor

To help you celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve put together our list of eleven amazing women-owned .CA businesses for you to discover, explore and support. You’re guaranteed many fabulous finds—whether you’re seeking out self-care, accessible fashion or hand-crafted home decor.  

Apparel and accessories

Accessible fashion for all

Creator and fashion designer Valerie Canuel’s mission is to provide high-quality, accessible clothing that fits people of any body type like an elegant second skin. In the process, Valerie is sending a message of beauty in diversity, while keeping her business sustainable and locally made in Quebec.  

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Edgy & luxurious statement pieces

Montreal-based designer Nicola Dawn, the creative force behind Lord Violet, has created an eye-catching collection of jewelry pieces that bring together materials like brass, recycled leather and vinyl for a style that’s equal parts edgy, subversive and femme.  

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Hand-made in Canada, inspired by worldly travels

Since she returned from India with a backpack full of sari silk, Grace Design founder Alison Gledhil has spent well over a decade scouring places like Peru, Japan and Morocco for the most unique textiles and materials to use in her handmade collections of colourful, bohemian-style bags and accessories.  

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Labourwear with a focus on style and comfort

This is birthing and post-partum wear done right! Labour nurse (and founder) Caitlyn Schollmeier designs Lila Mama’s clothing and puts comfort and elegance right alongside functionality. That way, new moms can feed little ones with ease—and feel empowered. 

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Home decor and more

Small batch, Indigenous-designed home goods that give back

Mini Tipi founders Melanie Bernard and Trisha Pitura set out to collaborate with Indigenous artists to design textiles and quality small-batch goods, like blankets, shawls and bags. Mini Tipi also gives back through their artist royalty program, and by making donations to local food banks and Indigenous women crisis centres.

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Organize, de-clutter and thrive

Look—there’s absolutely no shame in bringing in the pros to transform your overflowing rooms into orderly, functional spaces. That’s where Organized by Lex comes in. Founder and professional organizer Lex Gallagher is all about bringing calm to your chaos, with an eco-conscious approach that helps you reduce, reuse, recycle and donate unneeded items. 

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Carving out a whole new niche!

You’ve got to hand it to founder and woods(wo)man, Jackie Toner. She’s taken a traditionally male-dominated craft and carved out a totally unique approach! Woodswoman creates functional kitchen and homeware pieces that feature vibrant colours and blend exotic woods and glass structures. 

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Bringin’ home the bannock

Don’t tell us you’ve never tried Bannock before!? It’s fluffy, buttery and fan-freaking tastic. Indigenous and female-owned Bangin’ Bannock gives you the chance to experience some of that magic for yourself, with delicious, dried bannock mixes delivered right to your door! 

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Good vibes only in these greeting cards

Japanese-Canadian artist Saya Oiwa invites you to visit the wacky, whimsical world of Foonie—where a whole gang of magical characters can be found throughout her locally-designed greeting cards, prints and tote bags. They’re a sweet and offbeat way to send your pals some positive vibes! 

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Relax and revitalize  

Natural yoga mats for better zen

Zenful Yoga got its start when founder Emily Haugen wanted to replace her well-used yoga mat with something made from natural, non-toxic materials. Since then, Zenful Yoga’s mission has been to provide eco-friendly, sustainable cork yoga mats that give people a healthier platform to elevate their inner zen. 

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Choose silky smooth skin!

Soaps and Such founder Kim Fleet is a big believer in the idea that if something’s homemade, it’s probably better—and better for you. That’s the approach she takes with all her soaps. Everything Soaps and Such sells is hand-mixed and poured, and created in small batches using a traditional cold-pressing method that leaves skin feeling moisturized and silky-smooth! 

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About the author
Kira Taylor

Kira is the Marketing & Channel Specialist at CIRA. She focuses on content, digital marketing and channel strategies to help Canadian business owners make the right domain choice for their business website so they can find success online.