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15 Canadian-made drinks to try this summer

Our list of Canadian-made beers, wines, spirits, and ciders that you have to try out this summer!
By Richard Galazzo

Whether you’re at a friend’s pool party in North Vancouver, relaxing in the hammock at a cottage in the Laurentians, or enjoying the three hours of sunlight you get on your balcony in downtown Toronto, there’s nothing better than enjoying a nice cold drink on a hot summer day.

Wherever this summer takes you, here’s a list of the best Canadian-made beers, wines, spirits, and ciders if you’re looking for something new and local to try out!

Brickworks Cider – 

Toronto, ON

Stadium Island Peach: Perfect to enjoy on a restaurant patio

Brickworks is Toronto’s first ciderhouse in the city and the only one needed. Their large assortment of flavours produced in small batches puts quality first over quantity. Specifically, their Stadium Island Peach Cider seems quite genuine and unique. Made with sun-ripened and freshly cut peaches, this cider stands out with a tart finish and a small taste of apple too.

Flying Monkeys –

Barrie, ON

Wonderstar: Perfect for sitting around a campfire

The Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery stands out among this list. Quite a lot actually. Their website (and we’re saying website, but it’s actually more of a groovy work of art) showcases what it would have been like if I was alive for Woodstock back in ’69. With the various colours, patterns, and designs, it doesn’t feel like I’m looking at a website, rather, I’m looking into a whole other world.

Scrolling through this other world, one beer caught my attention, the Wonderstar. Light-bodied and crisp, this craft lager has a mixture of juniper and citrus with a slightly bitter taste. This is definitely one to look forward to when sitting and listening to the crackle of a warm campfire.

P.S: Go to the site, scroll up, and press enter. It’s the reason why this list took so long to write…

Back Yard Vineyards –

Langley City, BC

Sparkling Rose: Perfect for pairing with a strawberry shortcake

Backyard Vineyards takes a different approach with by adding hints of strawberries, raspberries, maraschino cherries, crab apples, and watermelon presenting a very sweet, summer tasting, sparkling rose. This would go fantastic with a freshly baked, strawberry shortcake while sitting underneath the shade on a cool summer’s day.

Breton Brewing Co. –

Cape Breton, NS

Strawberry Rhubarb Kettle Sour: Perfect for a picnic lunch

Ah yes, strawberry rhubarb pie, just like Grandma used to make. If you’re a fan of such a tasty pie, this pink coloured, Strawberry Rhubarb Kettle Sour looks like one to try!

Breton Brewing only brews this Kettle Sour during the summer so if you’re out on the east coast, this drink will definitely be worth a try for an afternoon picnic!

Kichesippi Beer Co. –

Ottawa, ON

Kichesippi Radler: Perfect for that post-bike ride refresher

With our office in Ottawa, the Kichesippi Beer Co is right in our backyard. All the beers at Kichesippi tie into a unique story about Ottawa’s history. Specifically, the Kichesippi Radler celebrates Canada’s oldest (and one of the biggest clubs), the Ottawa Bicycle Club, which was founded in 1882. After enjoying a scenic bike ride through your city’s trails, the Kichesippi Radler goes down smoothly with a refreshing grapefruit aftertaste (as any good radler should).

Calabogie Brewing Co. –

Calabogie, ON

Front Porch: Perfect for…enjoying on the front porch

Located just over an hour from Ottawa, Calabogie is the place to be for outdoor adventure and fun. Whether you’re hiking, fishing, or attending the motorsports rally, there’s always something fun to do during the summer. After a long day of outdoor enjoyment, why not sit on the front porch or balcony and savour a beer from Calabogie’s very own brewery, the Calabogie Brewing Co.?

Their Kolsch-Style Front Porch beer looks perfect to drink while sitting and watching the world go by. With a refreshing taste of citrus, this is a beer to enjoy after a long day in the sun.

Painted Rock Estate Winery –

Penticton, BC

2016 Syrah: Perfect to bring to a wine and cheese

The 2016 Syrah is a vintage from the Painted Rock Estate Wineryout in Penticton, BC. Aromas of ripe red fruit and florals jump out of the glass – impress your friends by bringing this to a wine and cheese.

Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers –

Beamsville, ON

Rose Gin: Perfect for a good book + hammock

Dillon’s is a special kind of place. Located in the Niagara region, Dillon’s focuses more on adding fresh ingredients while producing smaller batches, and it shows. It was tough to choose one drink to feature, but their Rose Gin really stands out. Infused with rose hips and petals, this gin provides a complex blend of flavours and aromas that leave a beautiful rose taste behind. This gin is perfect for just laying outside and relaxing on a hot day with a good book.

Kinsip –

Bloomfield, ON

Kinsip Maple Whisky: Perfect pair for a BBQ’d burger

As Canadians, we just can’t get enough maple. It’s everywhere. Syrup, cookies, doughnuts, candy, and whisky. That’s right, whisky!

Kinsip’s Maple Whisky is the one that I want to try this summer. It’s finished in barrels that are used for aging maple syrup, leaving behind a lingering wood smoke and sweet maple syrup taste. It’s time to bring out the BBQ because this sounds like it would go great with a few maple whisky burgers!

Quidi Vidi –

Quidi Vidi, NL

Iceberg Beer: Perfect for a drink by the ocean

Have you ever had a beer made out of icebergs? I haven’t, which is why Quidi Vidi Brewery’s Iceberg Beer catches my attention! Located in a small fishing village just outside of St. John’s, Newfoundland, this brewery specializes in the one and only “Iceberg Beer” which is made out of 20,000 year old icebergs floating off the Canadian coast. This light beer would go down quite perfect sitting by the ocean on a cool, breezy, summer day.

Planters Ridge –

Port Williams, NS

Pink Ambrosia: Perfect for watching the sunset with a loved one

After browsing through many Canadian websites looking for something special, Planters Ridge showcases a beautiful Pink Ambrosia. This mead caters a cherry pie and wild flower honey feel with a cranberry flavoured conclusion. It’s something to hold dear when watching the sunset with a loved one.

Lucky Bastard – 

Saskatoon, SK

Blood Orange Hibiscus Vodka: Perfect for a pool party

Know that one friend that has an in-ground pool? Perfect! Tell him or her that they should host a pool party this summer!

Located in Saskatoon, Lucky Bastard’s Blood Orange Hibiscus Vodka looks like it would be perfect for the occasion. Infused with blood orange and tangerine, enjoy the taste of tropical paradise as you relax by your friend’s pool.

Crossmount Cider Company –

Saskatoon, SK

Flatlander Pina Loca: Perfect for any outdoor event

Located just outside of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Crossmount Cider Company has a very unique cider that is worth a try. The “Pina Loca” has an engaging and sweet pineapple flavour with a tart finish that makes it perfect for any summer occasion.

De Vine Wines & Spirits –

Saanichton, BC

Black Bear Spiced Honey Rum: Perfect for a night on the town

Out in Saanichton, de Vine Wine & Spirits showcases an elegant double-aged dark rum with a spicy honey taste that looks like it’s worth a try! Made with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, allspice, and star anise, this dark rum will keep you dancing or swashbuckling until the sun rises, just like the pirates!

Sons of Vancouver –

Vancouver, BC

Chili Vodka: Perfect for a caesar + brunch on the patio

Sons of Vancouver has the best vodka for your Canadian classic drink. Made with local aquaponic chilies, their Chili Vodka has enough kick to it that you don’t even need the vinegar or hot sauce (but you can still add that, if you want to). All the spice needed is in the bottle. If you’re a fan of the heat, this one is worth a shot!

Honourable mentions

We have our first submission from a blog reader to include…

Cold Garden Beverage Company ( from Calgary, AB!

Keep the suggestions coming!

Did you know: all of these Canadian businesses are using a .CA domain for their website to show that they’re proudly Canadian. If you’re looking to support Canadian-made products, look for a .CA domain.

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