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JACKALOPE event brings extreme adventure to thrill seekers in Montreal

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Creating a great brand experience is all about finding your niche. That’s exactly what Micah Desforges has done with JACKALOPE, an event unlike any other. Now in its sixth year, JACKALOPE has grown into the largest action sports festival in Canada and has gained attention from around the world. Every summer, tens of thousands of passionate adrenaline junkies flock to Montreal’s Olympic Park for three jam-packed days of competitions that will be sure to keep you entertained and in complete awe.

JACKALOPE features over 200 athletes competing in seven different action sports events, including skateboarding, slack-lining, fixed gear cycling, climbing, freestyle motocross and the event’s newest, and most unique event, base-jumping. The base-jumping event, which is the only one of its kind in North America, draws attention from around the globe as athletes leap off the top of the iconic Olympic Tower and attempt to parachute in to the bulls-eye target below. It’s events like this that have made JACAKLOPE a can’t-miss event in Montreal over the last few years.

JACKALOPE isn’t just for the passionate extreme sports enthusiast. In recent years, Desforges has made significant efforts to cater to a wider audience, with the introduction of new elements such as free yoga sessions, the city’s biggest water gun fight, graffiti, bubble soccer, a lively after party, and a collection of some of Montreal’s most popular food trucks. In doing so, Desforges has built a culture around the JACKALOPE brand, making it one of the most popular events in Montreal.

The website

Desforges leverages his website,, as a content and media platform where he builds the JACKALOPE brand to attract an audience not only nationally, but also on an international level.

“ is the key component of our media strategy, and we`re looking forward to investing more and more in that direction,” explains Desforges, who maintains his website in both English and French to cater to his diverse audience.

Entrepreneurial advice

Desforges’ singular piece on entrepreneurial advice is to “stay focused” in various areas of your business.

“Stay focused and know what you really want to achieve in your project or business,” he advises.

“Always stay focused on the positive side of things,” he adds. “There’s always bad news and there’s always struggles. Be prepared to fail and be okay with it, and stay focused on where you’re going.”


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