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The kids are alright (with these great gifts)

By Monika Sofrenovic
Marketing Specialist

Happy holiday moments start here 

Want to go down as the most legendary gift-giver among your loved ones old and young? Start here, with our .CA Kids and parents gift guide. It’s filled with all things charming, cuddly and playfulfrom hand-stitched stuffies to timeless wooden toysand more.  

Feel like you’re drowning in a sea of plastic toys? This just may be the refreshing and ultra-charming alternative you’ve been craving. Campbell’s Custom Carvings provides hand-crafted, timeless wooden toys, from sensory trays, to adorable toddler tool boxes. They’re sure to spark imaginations, strengthen gross motor skills AND last for generations of littles still to come. 

Price range: $ – $$ 

New moms (and moms-to-be) deserve all the comfort in the world. And garden variety maternity gowns? Well, they just don’t cut it. Lila Mama offers labour, birth and post-partum wear designed by an actual labour nurse. They’re as comfortable and elegant-looking as they are functional, so you can feed and snuggle newborns with ease.  

Price range: $$ – $$$  

Imagine exploring a new country from the comfort of home each month. Now you can, thanks to World in a Box. It’s a fantastic way to teach the aspiring young backpackers in your life about different cultures, language and traditions. Each box comes packed with hands-on STEAM activities, games and craftslike do-it-yourself Venetian masks! Choose from three, six or 12-month subscription plans to keep the country explorations going.    

Price range: $$ – $$$

We’ve all been there as kids: stuck at the table, pushing that same bit of boring broccoli around your plate. Well, why not put pure joy back on the menu? BiMoo offers colourable tablecloths and place mats with a variety of fun designsfrom maps of the world, to sprawling fantasy foreststhat’ll get kids feeling curious and creative while they eat. The best part? Everything is completely washable, so you can serve up endless colourful adventures.  

Price range: $ – $$

Spoil the littles in your life (and the adults, too) with Euro style. Little Pepites carries a specially selected collection of ecological and ethically responsible clothes and accessories from European brands. Start browsing the baby section and you’ll be trapped in a vortex of adorableness. Soft, cozy and colourful rule the day here!

Price range: $$-$$$

It’s probably safe to consider Kol Kid Toronto’s treasure trove of all things children. If you’re looking to surprise and delight the tiny humans in your life, you’re in the right place. Start by exploring Kol Kid’s excellent selection of high-quality wood toys for infants, then dive into cuddly winter clothing and snazzy room décor.

Price range: $$-$$$

Studies show classical music does wonders for babies, from boosting brain development, to reducing stress and promoting proper sleep. Moka—an ultra-cute n’ cuddly stuffy—plays real classical tracks (performed and recorded in Quebec, to boot!), letting kids snuggle up and drift off to dreamland with the warm sounds of piano, violin and cello.

Price range: $-$$

For the tiny tots on your list that have places to go. Scoot and Ride’s Highwaykick 1 scooter features a stable, three-wheeled design that lets even the littlest of littles move around, while sitting securely and comfortably. Then, once those littles become not-so-little, the scooter easily transforms from a ride-on to a kickboard. A very slick set of wheels, indeed!

Price range: $$$

This is puzzling with a positive message. Kid Unified—a woman-owned, social enterprise—produces high-quality puzzles that are 100% hand made in Canada from recycled materials. The puzzles themselves are bilingual and designed to help promote diversity and equality through play. With every piece, kids get to see a colourful, vibrant community come together.

Price range: $$

Looking for something that entertains, inspires AND educates? Now, that’s what we call the “Perfect Kid’s Gift Trifecta.” You’re likely to find it with Telegraph Road Entertainment. They’re a leading Canadian publisher and distributer of educational and activity products. So, you’ll find plenty to keep young minds occupied, like Daniel the Beaver search-and-find adventures, as well as Paw Patrol and Sesame Street colouring and activity books.

Price range: $-$$

The best toys are timeless! Toy Maker of Lunenburg creates safe, eco-friendly, Canadian-made wood toys, games and brain teasers designed to spark imagination and creativity. Plus, their durable construction means these toys can be passed down to future generations.   

Price range: $$

Toronto-based Wood Wood Toys gathers the finest wooden toys from around the world, with a special focus on finding forever homes for previously loved toys. So, check out their refurbished collection for some unique gems or explore their Canadian collection of wooden toys you won’t find anywhere else! 

Price range: $ – $$

New moms need a little extra love and care—especially in the days and weeks after birth. Ottawa-based Mom Friends has created a line of thoughtful, practical postpartum care kits chock-full of hand-picked products to help moms rest and truly recover.  

Price range: $ – $$

Get ready to play smarter! Wonder Box is a monthly subscription service for kids ages four and up that delivers boxes of STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Math) toys to your door every month. It’s a brilliant way for the little ones on your list to spend hours exploring, learning and feeding their curiosity.  

Price range: $$ – $$$

 Get the little one on your list their favourite hat! Little Buck specializes in creating high-quality, ethically made snapback caps, toques and beanies for tots. It’s adult fashion—but made for miniature heads! Little Buck also offers a line of stylish swimwear that’s created from recycled plastic bottles.  

Price range: $ – $$

For the eco-conscious new parents on your list, Kingston, Ontario’s Go Greenbaby specializes in natural products for families. From pregnancy and postpartum wear to sustainable children’s toys, every product is carefully chosen to be high quality—and earth-friendly.  

Price range: $ – $$$

The X-Tails book series has you joining a group of animal friends on a series of high-octane outdoor adventures as they learn key lessons about friendships, staying safe, protecting the environment and more. These books are a great way to inspire the kids on your list to read, be active and get outdoors.  

Price range: 

With gifts like these, you’ll be bringing all sorts of surprise and delight to the littles (and their parents) in your life. Now dive back into our full .CA Gift Guide for even more great gift recommendations.

About the author
Monika Sofrenovic

Monika Sofrenovic is the Marketing Specialist at CIRA. She is a recent graduate of Carleton University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing.