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Plan the ultimate March Break staycation with .CA

By Kira Taylor

Ah, March Break. That glorious week in not-quite-spring where the kids are home and you’re…desperately looking for something to do, right? Something that doesn’t involve tons of time on tablets n’ devices?  

We’ve got you covered with seven days of fun and relaxing family-friendly March Break “staycation” ideas pulled from all corners of the .CA domain!  

Planning your March Break staycation week  

March Break Activity,

Day 1: have a worldly experience in a box! –

Travel budget looking a little tight? No problem. World in Box brings you a whole set of cultural experiences—wait for it—in a box. It’s a fantastic way to teach the future backpackers in your family about different countries, languages, wildlife, traditions—and more.  
Just pick a country you want to explore—like Peru—and get ready for hands-on activities (basket weaving!), fun cultural facts, recipes (mmm, alfajores!) and more.

Little daughter and daddy enjoying time together, laying on floor at home, man reading book to his cute daughter, empty space

Day 2: have an epic book binge –

March Break can be a perfect time to catch up on all your reading. And while you could pick something off the best-sellers lists, why not throw literary caution to the wind? Have the dedicated bookworms at Toronto’s Type Books make you one of their famous mystery bags 

All you need to do is fill out a quick questionnaire about your likes and interests, then you’ll get a totally custom selection of books for you and your family to binge!  

March Break Activity,

Day 3: go for a backyard adventure –

Now, this is a neat way to unplug and get the family outdoors! Wild Life offers themed backyard adventure kits, packed with hours of skill-building activities, camping gear and nature crafts. The best part is that there’s no WiFi required—just imagination and an adventurous spirit.  

We particularly love the Take cover adventure kit that features everything you need to make some epic nature forts. Need we say more?  

March Break Activity,

Day 4: bake up some bannock! –

Wait—you mean to tell us that you haven’t yet experienced the buttery, wholesome deliciousness that is bannock? Well, let’s fix that right now with a home bannock bake-off.  

To get you started, our friends at Bangin’ Bannock have shared their classic golden fried bannock recipe. And if you want to take the most direct path to bannock heaven—and support a female-owned, indigenous business, grab one of their excellent mixes 

March Break Activity,

Day 5: card game night – .CA style! –  

Get the family together and reconnect over a game of cards. Not just any old cards, mind you, but ones designed to provoke conversation and storytelling that’s goofy, thoughtful and fun. Every Basecamp card starts with a simple question, like “what’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten.” Whatever you pick, the answer is up to you!  

March Break Activity,

Day 6: take a virtual arts and crafts class –   

There’s no time like March Break to add a few new skills to your repertoire or get inspired for a new DIY project. Explore’s curated collection of virtual arts and crafting courses, which offers everything from glass painting and Japanese mending to hip-hop inspired street art.  

March Break Activity,

Day 7: wrap the week with a bath bomb and body scrub break – 

Close out March Break with some well-earned self-pampering. We’re big fans of Studio36’s small-batch, artisanally-made soaps, body scrubs and bath bombs! Want some soothing and healing scents as the perfect accompaniment? You can’t go wrong with an all-natural lavender and sweetgrass candle from Indigenously Infused.  

There you have it! A staycation March Break with .CA that keeps things light, family friendly and budget conscious.  

About the author
Kira Taylor

Kira is the Marketing & Channel Specialist at CIRA. She focuses on content, digital marketing and channel strategies to help Canadian business owners make the right domain choice for their business website so they can find success online.