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Organized by Lex: seeing clarity through chaos

Organizing is a life-long passion of Lex Gallagher’s. A busy mom of two, organization is the perfect outlet for Lex to help people better their lives, while bettering her own. Organized by Lex was founded in 2018 and offers professional organizing services designed to bring a sense of calm to clients’ homes. The company offers decluttering, downsizing and space planning services. The sorting expert services Toronto, Ontario and surrounding areas but is always willing to travel for the right project.

Organized by Lex is there to help with what is usually a stressful, overwhelming task for anyone trying to organize and declutter their space.

“We take a stressful and chaotic space or situation and turn it into a calm and orderly experience. We help our clients navigate major moments that involve big life changes, like moving, dealing with estates, losing a loved one and managing all the things they left behind. This can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time and we turn it into a seamless and meaningful experience,” said Lex.

Clear house, full hearts

Organized by Lex offers five different services based on the desired space and goal. For those looking to declutter their homes, Lex and her team personally coach new clients to edit  their belongings. They also offer help with downsizing like coordinating the move, packing and unpacking and optimizing the new space.

Everyone has that one junk drawer that they don’t know what to do with. Lex helps provide storage solutions to make sure every item has a home.

For dedicated areas such as workspaces and children’s play places, Organized by Lex helps design and optimize the space with storage solutions. They offer a unique fifth service for clients that want to remain eco-friendly throughout the organizing experience. Their “eco-conscious” service helps clients reduce, reuse and recycle items and takes careful consideration of disposal and donation streams. They also use eco-friendly products when organizing and teach the benefits of minimalism.

Building an online presence

On, you can view the variety of home organization projects Lex and her team have completed. Her work ranges from shared living spaces to bathrooms, children’s rooms, closets and more.

Registering her domain name and building a website was one of the first things Lex did after registering her business name. Lex hired a graphic designer and web builder to create her professional website that tells the story behind her business and what she does.

“It gives prospective clients a glimpse into the story behind my business and details on the types of services I offer. My website reflects me, how I operate and the way I approach projects. I worked with graphic designers and industry professionals to create a look and balance to the site that professionally differentiates it from many competitors and will be regarded favourably by prospective clients.”

Wondering if you should build a website yourself, or hire someone to do it? Read our guide to see which is best for you.

Since starting her business, most of Lex’s client referrals are word-of-mouth. Having an established online presence was important, “My website verifies my level of professionalism that client prospects are assured of, when recommending me,” said Lex.

Choosing .CA

When searching for a domain, Lex tried her luck with her business name. Fortunately for her, it was available as a .CA domain and she secured it right away. Her domain name,, tells her clients exactly what she offers and who she is. This is a great way to go about creating a domain name as it provides that extra layer of visibility for any business. When it came to choosing a .CA domain, she chose it to reach her unique Canadian audience.

“My industry is huge in the United States and is getting more traction in Canada. The market, clientele and culture are very different, and I felt it was important to embrace that. So many US companies arrive in Canada thinking they can operate in the exact same way and be successful, but you need to adapt to your consumer base. The Canadian customer base that I serve is distinctly Canadian; their needs are different from many of the needs of comparable US clientele. It is important for my business to present as Canadian-owned.”

Lex chose the registrar for her domain name and uses WordPress for her website. She wanted a platform that could grow with her business and came highly recommended.

“I knew would be great for a basic start up and that I would also have the ability to access more features if my business grew.  It was recommended to me by my web builder and graphic designer. I wanted a reliable central location that had good privacy and protection.”

A word of advice

We asked Lex what the biggest lesson she has learned while starting and growing her business that she never anticipated.

“It would definitely be how much you learn and gain from mistakes and failures, almost more so than you do from the successes. I have big aspirations, but I try to focus on the small wins and am mindful of the little moments of achievement.”

Celebrating Canada’s domain

As part of our Canada Day series, we wanted to know how Lex spends her Canada Day. To Lex, this day is even more meaningful as it’s the day she became a Canadian citizen.

“I became a Canadian citizen on July 1, 1992 when I was 14 years old. No matter what I’m doing that day, I always take a moment to reflect on my family’s experience, the sacrifices my parents made and how fortunate we are to be here.”

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