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Three great Canadian dessert websites

If you are someone who enjoys the finer indulgences in life, you may be interested in our list of top great dessert websites from across Canada.
By Erin Hutchison
Content Marketing and Social Media Specialist

Butter tarts (

Whether you like them with raisins or without, butter tarts are always a tasty treat. It’s similar to pecan pie but better because you don’t have to share it with anyone. Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival, which started in 2013, takes place in Midland, Ontario.

Any Canadian knows that it’s hard to stop at just one butter tart, but how many is too many? During the inaugural festival, they sold out of 10,000 butter tarts by 11 a.m. Where did they all go?

One of the best parts of the festival is a contest to determine the best butter tart around. They include information on the contest rules and information on judges.

“Please note that we do not accept unsolicited applications for the position of butter tart judge.”


Nanaimo bars (

Custard, chocolate ganache, coconut – what a powerful combination. The City of Nanaimo in B.C. has a page dedicated to information on the “legendary” Nanaimo bar.

If you’re ever heading out towards Nanaimo, they’ve even put together a handy brochure and map to guide you through all 34 locations that sell different varieties of the city’s favourite dessert. One tip: maybe don’t try them all in one day.

Donuts (

While donuts may not originate from Canada, they will always have a special place in a Canadian’s heart. These days, it seems that Canadian taste buds prefer homemade, Instagram-worthy donuts to mass-produced reheated cardboard. Independent donut shops are super trendy right now and we’re seeing them pop up all over the country.

In Winnipeg, there’s a shop called Bronuts, run by a team of brothers that serve fresh homemade donuts every day of the week.

Congrats on the great business name and domain name, guys.

Fun fact: Did you know Manitobans call a jelly-filled donut a Jambuster?

What do these delicious desserts have in common? They’re all uniquely Canadian. When it comes to selling something baked, deep fried, or dipped in chocolate, smart Canadian businesses choose a .CA domain name– which shows to website visitors that their page is proudly Canadian. If you’re feeling inspired to get a bit of your own online real estate to show off your impressive Canadian baking skills, here are a few domains names that we found that are available:

  • (hey, we’re not here to judge; legalization is right around the corner).

Try it out yourself!

A .CA domain declares your business is proudly Canadian

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Erin brings to CIRA a background of marketing experience in higher education and the not-for-profit sector. In 2015, she participated in ISOC’s Youth@IGF Programme and traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to attend the IGF. She has a Bachelor of International Business from Carleton University.