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Shared statement to the Global Digital Compact First Revision meeting

The following statement delivered orally on May 21st, 2024, on behalf of "A technical community coalition for multistakeholderism".
By CIRA and the other named organizations

Good morning Chair, co-facilitators, all,

I am speaking on behalf of a group of aligned members of the technical community with a long history of involvement in multistakeholder Internet governance (named below).

We offer our thanks to the co-facilitators and other drafters of the Rev.1 version of the Global Digital Compact zero draft.

There are several improvements we welcome:

  • Stronger references to the WSIS architecture as a primary focus for follow up and implementation.
  • Reduction of earlier proposed duplication of forums and initiatives.
  • Text in the Internet Governance area including
    • Acknowledgement that the governance of the Internet requires the full involvement of all stakeholders – governments, civil society, the technical community, academia and business.
    • The adoption of some more commonly used terms to describe the Internet – “open, global, interoperable”
    • Acknowledgment of the Internet Governance Forum’s importance in the discussion of public policy issues related to the Internet
    • The call to increase the resources deployed in the Internet Governance Forum’s work, including greater participation – both sorely needed
    • The proposed policy track at the IGF’s annual event to facilitate stakeholders’ contribution to delivering the Pact’s commitments and actions

We suggest further strengthening the role of the Internet Governance Forum in follow up and review – as a core process arising from WSIS, the IGF and its diverse community can do more than “amplify” the Compact’s work. The WSIS+20 review allows for such an enhanced role to be developed over the next eighteen months.

Thank you for your attention.

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

au Domain Administration


Canadian Internet Registration Authority 



Identity Digital

Internet New Zealand

Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.

Network Information Center Costa Rica




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CIRA and the other named organizations