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You are seeing this block page because you, or someone on your network has configured CIRA Canadian Shield to help improve your cyber security.

  • With this service, domain names (i.e. websites) that have been identified to contain malicious content such as ransomware or viruses or those engaging in phishing are blocked.  The service also blocks sites with potential frauds that may attempt to steal money or personal data.
  • These threats have been identified by CIRA’s advanced cyberthreat intelligence and through threat and other feeds provided by public and private organizations.
  • Some users may have (optionally) turned on “family” protection that also blocks certain types of content that may be considered adult in nature.
  • Please note that the block page is publicly available. If you send the URL to someone then they will see the same block page result. In other words, a direct visit to this page is not a test of proper configuration.