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CIRA has a mandate to manage the .CA domain space on behalf of all Canadians. We pride ourselves on operating a world-class country code top-level domain Registry. Our robust legal framework and policies are intended to ensure the fair and transparent management of .CA.

Find more information on:

CIRA's official policies

Policies related to both .CA Registrants and Registrars, as well as CIRA's governance and membership.

.CA Canadian Presence Requirements

How CIRA keeps our ccTLD Canadian.

Registrant Information Validation (RIV)

How CIRA ensures .CA Registrants comply with Canadian Presence Requirements.

Best practices for registering a .CA

Some of our top tips to keep in mind while registering a domain name.

CIRA's Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP) process

CDRP is designed to address clear-cut cases of bad faith registration of .CA domains.

Domain name disputes

Here we outline two types of issues and how you can resolve them.

Security Vulnerability Statement

Learn how to report a suspected vulnerability on one of CIRA's services.