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Built for business

  • Supports diverse merchandising models
  • Unique capabilities to monetize premium domains
  • Role-based access to back end

Technically powerful

  • Delivers on all ICANN requirements
  • Delivers EPP-API and web interfaces
  • Global infrastructure on cutting edge hardware

Reliable and trusted

  • 20+ year history operating a ccTLD
  • Partner to the TLD industry
  • Successful track record of registry migration

While we chose the CIRA Registry Platform due to its advanced features and stability, what truly amazed me was how seamless the migration was. As a business person and especially as a registry, I cannot afford downtime, and the CIRA transition team exceeded my most optimistic expectations.

Normand Fortier CEO, SX Registry SA

Powerful features for running a registry...

  • Functional WHOIS with privacy options

  • IP/Trademark Clearing house

  • IPv4 and IPv6 capable

  • Supports gTLD sunrise, landrush or customizable launches

  • Delivers EPP, API and web interfaces

  • Customize pricing for channel program management

  • Tag domains to enable business rules

  • Confirmed reservation system for new domains

  • Variable price management with no IT involvement

  • Modern interface with role-based access

...and so many more powerful capabilities.

Advanced technology meets modern needs

With the CIRA Registry Platform you are getting a rock-solid infrastructure combined with a modern interface that makes it easy to manage your registry and easy for channel partners to do business with you. 

We think your registry software should help you grow your TLD business.

It’s the only TLD management platform with features and functionality designed for the modern TLD business. Other software might check your technical boxes, but only CIRA has custom tools to make it ridiculously easy to manage pricing, distribution and finance. 

Designed with your business in mind.