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Current stage

September 23, 2022: Election results posted

At CIRA, we believe Canadians have both the right to be informed about how the internet develops, and a responsibility to make their voices heard. Whether you use the internet for work or play, you can influence the future development and direction of the internet in Canada. Participating in CIRA’s governance is one way you can help enable a trusted internet for Canadians.

CIRA is governed by a board of directors comprised of 12 elected directors and three board advisors. Every year, a few seats on the board become vacant and must be filled.


This year there are four board seats available:

  • Three from the nomination committee slate
  • One from the member slate

All board directors elected will serve three-year terms.

CIRA's election process happens in several stages, beginning with filling seats on the nomination committee in March and ending in an online vote in September. The entire election process is held online.

Here are some key dates and stages:

View the election resources for additional information.

Important to know

As per the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act and CIRA's By-law, in order to vote in the 2022 Board of Directors Election, you must have been a CIRA member at least 21 days prior to the start of voting (specifically, by end of day August 25, 2022) and continue to be a member at the time you cast your ballot.

Under section 23 of the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, CIRA is required to provide the list of its members to members who submit the required Statutory Declaration (see section 23(5)) to contact each other for purposes related to the affairs of the organization, including influencing votes in an election. The list is provided through secure channels in an electronic format that is a compilation of the list of members. While CIRA is obligated by law to provide the list, CIRA strongly encourages members who receive the list to only contact those members who are part of their professional and/or social circle to respect members’ privacy.