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The nomination committee is made up of six to 12 professionals from across Canada with experience in various industry sectors. These individuals serve two-year terms. CIRA’s government representative on the board also sits on the committee as an observer.

The role of the committee is to ensure balanced representation on the election ballot that aligns with the background, skills and attributes needed for an effective functioning board. Their goal is to seek and select qualified and professional candidates to appear on the nomination committee slate of the final election ballot, to be voted on by CIRA members.

To support the committee in achieving this balanced representation, CIRA’s board submits a letter to the nomination committee that outlines the skills and experience needed on the board. These needs are a result of an annual board skills survey. The nomination committee looks to this letter when reviewing applications and selecting candidates; as should members when endorsing nominees and voting for candidates.

In June, each committee member reviews each eligible application submitted. Then, in July, the committee meets to pre-select up to nine candidates. These pre-selected candidates are then interviewed by a third-party organization. Applicants are informed of the committee’s decision in July.

2024 Nomination committee members

Nancy Carter
Jim Ghadbane
Jacob Glick
Heather McKay
Mark Milotay
Kroopa Shah
Bobby Singh
Adam White
Guangbin Yan
Monika Surma, Government Representative (Observer)