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We use the internet every day, for work and for play. It has become seamlessly integrated into our lives yet most people don't give the operation or direction of the internet a second thought – until their online needs are threatened. At CIRA, we believe that Canadians have both the right to be informed about how the internet develops, and a responsibility to act on it. Regardless of how you use the internet, you can have a say in its direction and development. One way to do just that is to participate in CIRA's corporate governance.

Here is why you should get involved.

Reason 1: You can become a member of CIRA's nomination committee

The nomination committee's role is to select professional candidates for CIRA's board of directors that represent a wide range of views and interests, ultimately contributing to the strategic direction of the organization.

Read more about how to join the nomination committee.

Reason 2: You can become a board nominee or candidate

The role of CIRA board directors is to help foster the development of CIRA. They provide strategic direction and oversight for the .CA domain name registry and help guide CIRA as it manages .CA as a key public resource for the benefit of all Canadians. As well, the board helps build a better online Canada through initiatives such as the Community Investment Program and CIRA's support of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

Read more about how to join the board.

Reason 3: You can show your support for election candidates

Do you want to voice your opinion without actually joining the nomination committee or the board? You can endorse a nominee so that they have a better chance of appearing on the final election ballot.

What does this mean? If there is a nominee that you think is most qualified for the position then you can show your support for the nominee of your choice from August 30 to September 13, 2018.

Learn more about this process.

Reason 4: You can vote for election candidates

Casting your vote for election candidates is the easiest way to participate in the direction of Canada's internet. By voting for the candidate of your choice, you are ensuring that the most qualified individuals are elected.

Voter apathy in any election is always a challenge, so don't let someone else make the decision for you! Cast your vote from September 21 to October 4, 2018.

Reason 5: You can attend CIRA meet-ups and events

Every year, CIRA hosts a number of meet-ups across the country to give our members a chance to connect with one another, discuss the state of the internet and hear from industry experts. These events connect our members with CIRA staff, board members, and like-minded individuals who care about the future of Canada's internet.

CIRA also hosts our Symposium and Annual General Meeting every year in September. This event includes industry-leading speakers and engaging conversations about CIRA's milestones from the past year, future plans and more. You can get involved in CIRA's corporate governance by attending these events, contributing to the conversation and advocating for what you believe in.

How to get involved

Make sure you're a member! Applying for membership is easy, free and open to any .CA holder. All you have to do is complete the member application to join our community.