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Tips for promoting your candidacy

Candidates play a key role in promoting CIRA’s Board of Directors election. Use the tips below to promote your candidacy and get more people engaged in our election:


Brand yourself 

What will set you apart from other candidates? Get clear on your views, your platform, and the value you would bring to CIRA. Maybe you can even create a campaign slogan.

Participate in our Campaign Forum 

To kick-start the campaign we will ask members to submit questions using a tool called Social QA. Then members will have a chance to vote for their favourite questions, and the five highest voted questions will be featured in the campaign forum. As a candidate, you will be able to view all of the questions submitted, but will only be able to respond to the top five once the Campaign Forum opens on September 16th. 

Tips for participating in the Campaign Forum:

  • Members, candidates and the public can create discussion topics, post questions and answers on the Campaign Forum. 
  • Be concise – keep questions and answers brief (maximum of 50 words per question). 
  • Take the opportunity to promote yourself! Provide links to your website and/or social media network. 
  • Engage other candidates in discussions – ask relevant questions. 
  • When responding to questions, highlight your vision, goals and the value you would bring as a board member. Speak to any achievements or related experiences you have. 

Note: CIRA reserves the right to remove questions and answers.

Create a website for your campaign

  • Create your own .CA campaign website or blog. 

  • Let voters know who you are – it will help people relate to you. 

  • Post your achievements and relevant background information. 

  • Ask people to endorse you, and share their video or written testimonial on your website.

Spread the word on social media

  • Start with tweeting to your followers that you are a candidate. 
  • Link to so your followers can learn more about what the CIRA Election is all about. 
  • Use the #CIRAelection hashtag so CIRA’s followers can see your tweets. 
  • Encourage those in your network who are CIRA members to vote!
  • Follow @ciranews to keep up to date on the latest election developments.
  • Update your activities to indicate that you are a candidate.
  • Call out to your contacts to see if any of them are CIRA members. Encourage them to vote! 
  • Follow our LinkedIn page.
  • Tell your friends that you are a candidate. 
  • Similar to LinkedIn, call out to your friends to see if there are any CIRA members and encourage them to vote. 
  • ‘Like’ CIRA’s Facebook page and suggest CIRA’s page to your network.

Candidate filtering

To offer CIRA members a more efficient way to get to know election candidates so that they can make an informed decision when they cast their vote, we introduced a feature on our website that will allow members to filter and compare final candidates based on information provided in their application.

Additional Information:

Questions? Email: [email protected]

Important Dates

Campaign Forum: 

September 16-30

This is your opportunity to answer and ask questions, promote yourself, your vision, your goals, and debate and discuss Internet-related topics. 


September 23-30

Get the word out to your network of CIRA members. Ask for their vote!