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After I apply, what can I expect from CIRA? 

We’ve got that question before, and we want to make our recruitment process easy to understand. Accountability and transparency are important at CIRA, so we mapped out the process of what you can expect from us.

1. Attract

We’re looking for top talent and post our job openings on our careers page, LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and other job boards. And hey if you’re at this stage, it’s worked – you’ve found us!

You may have heard about us from a CIRA employee. Staff are truly our best ambassadors. They share opportunities in their network, and post on social media with the hashtag #WeAreCIRA about who we are.

If you’re reading this, we hope you’re interested in applying to join our team!

2. Connect

A member of our HR team will connect with candidates who meet the qualifications of the position for a 20-30 minute phone screen.

We want to get to know more about what you bring to the table and why you want to work with CIRA. You’ll also hear more about our culture and what it’s like to be part of our team.

Successful candidates will be invited in for an interview with the hiring team. If you don’t make it to the next interview, our HR team will let you know.

Timeline:  phone screens usually occur within three weeks of the job being posted.

3. Interview

We prefer to have interviews in person, where possible. The interview will include the hiring manager, HR partner and an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Ambassador.

We know we just sprung a new acronym on you, you’re probably thinking: what’s an EVP Ambassador? Good question. Our EVP is our promise of the values we work by here at CIRA. We have a team of Ambassadors, who represent us and participate in interviews to look for alignment with our culture. And of course, you’re welcome to ask them questions too.

Timeline: depending on the role, there could be multiple interviews, including technical assessments or asking you to present a business case to us.

4. Select

The hiring team debriefs after each interview.  Each interviewer will provide feedback on what great skills the candidate brings and how they align to our values.

The hiring manager will select a candidate they would like to extend an offer to, based on the recommendations of the team.

Timeline: timelines are based on availability, but we aim to start interviews a week after phone screens are completed. Candidates will be kept up-to-date on anticipated timelines throughout the process.

5. Hire

If you make it to this stage – congrats! We will send you an offer and summary of our benefits. Offers will be conditional upon the successful completion of background  checks and where specified in the posting, the requirement to have a valid security clearance.

Once you accept and after confirming a start date with you, we will announce that you will be joining the team and start getting ready for your first day!

Timeline: offers are typically sent within 48 hours of the hiring manager’s decision.

6. Onboard

You’ll hear from HR and your new manager before you start. You will also receive an electronic onboarding package with information about what to expect when you join the team.

Life at CIRA

Life at CIRA is sweeter than maple syrup.