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What happens after you submit an application?

  1. Our team checks your status, eligibility, alignment with funding areas and the completeness of your documentation. We’ll let you know within two days if we spot any issues.
  2. You must provide missing details by April 10, 2024 at 2 p.m. EDT.
  3. Only complete, eligible applications received by the deadline are considered by the CIRA Grants Evaluation Panel.
  4. The Evaluation Panel reviews and selects projects using this rubric and presents their recommendations to CIRA’s board of directors. CIRA’s board makes the final decision.
  5. Successful applicants will be notified and provided with approval letters and contracts in July. Once contracts are signed, the funds are released.
  6. CIRA staff will reach out to unsuccessful applicants in July.

CIRA Grants Evaluation Panel scoring rubric

Project evaluation criteria % Score

  • Intended Canadian beneficiaries are clearly articulated.
  • Preference to initiatives that benefit:
    • Students (kindergarten to grade 12, and post-secondary)
    • Northern, rural and Indigenous communities
  • Demonstrated engagement of beneficiaries in project development.
Project plan

  • Project activities and outputs document a cohesive plan with sufficient relevant detail that can be reasonably completed in the proposed project time frame.
  • Project team includes sufficient leadership, project management experience and organizational capacity to deliver activities and outputs, as well as an adequate mix of skills and expertise to meet specific project implementation demands.
  • Project is sufficiently unique from projects funded in the past by CIRA (2019 onwards, project list here).
  • Project takes environmental sustainability into account.
Community support

  • Project is community-led, demonstrates community ownership and contributes towards long-term community development.
  • Project shows clear engagement by community stakeholders in development, delivery, financing, etc.
  • Three letters of support from community partners and/or beneficiaries are provided.
Outcomes and sustainability

  • Project outcomes are specific, achievable and can be measured, and the intended project impact is realistic.
  • Project achievements and/or value can be sustained beyond the end of the CIRA funding.

  • Budget is reasonable given the scope and activities of the proposed project and includes all costs with sufficient detail to understand the requirements to deliver the project.
  • CIRA-specific expenses are identified.
  • Budget shows contributions from other sources and/or the applicant.
  • Budget does not include ongoing operating funding for an organization, however up to 15% of the CIRA Grant request is eligible as Administration Support.
  • The request should be reasonable within the context of the organization’s operating budget.
Total /100