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If your project is selected for a grant, here’s what you can expect:

  • An email from CIRA to the primary contact in your application confirming your project has been selected and the amount of funding available.
  • When you confirm your organization is ready to deliver the project as proposed, we provide a contract to sign, request your banking details and summarize how we will present your project publicly in a press release.
  • When the contract is fully executed, the funds are sent via electronic funds transfer.
  • Invitation to an onboarding session where we explain the project relationship, including our expectations around co-promotion of your project, and an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Inclusion in a press release and promotion on CIRA’s communication channels.

Conditions of funding detailed in the project contract include:

  • Written approval from CIRA prior to any alterations in the project plan or timeline.
  • Appropriate acknowledgement of CIRA’s Net Good Grants program in communication materials and events.
  • Submission of a final report within three months of project completion.
  • If there are unspent funds upon project completion, CIRA will request the surplus funds within 30 days.
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