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Since its founding in 1998, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has grown to become one of the fastest growing country code top-level domains in the world. Now it is facing a more competitive, complex and uncertain environment across the sectors in which it competes. As this growth slows, cybersecurity threats are increasing in quantity and sophistication, causing registries to step up their cybersecurity efforts and investments.

In the context of this rapidly changing environment, registries face two choices: accept increasingly difficult market challenges and its related, maturing registry business; or to recognize the challenges and act on the opportunities that such market upheaval can bring. CIRA has made the strategic decision to embrace the latter approach by leveraging its infrastructure and cybersecurity investments. 

CIRA has updated its primary goal, vision, mission and strategic pillars to align with this direction, and position the organization for success. 






What has CIRA accomplished by 2025?

a. Strengthened our non-.CA product offerings and business

b. Helped more Canadians get online with .CA domains 

c. Re-invested in the development of a trusted internet for Canadians

d. Recognized as a leading-edge, inclusive workplace that attracts and maintains top talent 

e. Launch one additional product or service as part of CIRA’s Diversified Services strategy