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Minimum Service Guidelines

Guidelines for Registrars on the minimum level of service required for Registrants and potential Registrants.

Accessible version follows:


Minimum Service Guidelines
Version 1.6

1. In communicating with Registrants and potential Registrants, whether on its website, in published materials or otherwise, the CIRA Certified Registrar must clearly describe:

  1. the Registrar Services it will provide to Registrants and potential Registrants and the fees for those services;
  2. the process the Registrar will follow in validating the information provided by Registrants and potential Registrants required by CIRA; and
  3. the process the Registrar will follow in processing applications for registration of domain names, requests for transfers, renewals and modifications of domain name registrations and other requests in accordance with the CIRA Policies, Rules, and Procedures (“PRP”).

2. The Registrar must post on its website the form of agreement which the Registrar will enter into with each of its Registrants. This agreement must include the provisions required in the Registrar Agreement between the Registrar and CIRA.

3. The Registrar must be capable of promptly and accurately entering in its own records all relevant information regarding its Registrants and communicating to CIRA all information which CIRA requires.

4. The Registrar must have in place the billing systems and procedures that will ensure that: (i) appropriate financial transactions between the Registrar and its Registrants are initiated in a timely and professional manner and accurately recorded in the Registrar’s records; (ii) appropriate information related to those transactions is provided to CIRA to be recorded in CIRA’s systems and (iii) sufficient funds are maintained in the Registrar’s deposit account with CIRA, all in accordance with the PRP. The sophistication of these systems and procedures must be appropriate for the Registrar’s expected business volumes.