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D-Zone adds new nodes to expand global Anycast footprint

CIRA's service adds presence in Ashburn and Sydney to respond to growing customer interest
By Ryan Hill
Communication Manager

CIRA’s service adds presence in Ashburn and Sydney to respond to growing customer interest

CIRA is continuing to invest in new network nodes for our DNS Anycast service and has brought two new locations online.

A new global node in Ashburn, Virginia increases the DDoS resiliency and performance of CIRA’s second global anycast cloud, featuring connections into two major North American internet exchanges in the region.

“The combination of internet backbone transit and peering relationships at the IX’s improves our DDoS resiliency by increasing the overall capacity of our infrastructure, allowing us to improve the number queries answered over direct peering relationships,” said Mark Gaudet, Product Manager for DNS Services at CIRA. “Ashburn also improves the performance of cloud 2 with more efficient routing and lower latency for DNS queries.”

CIRA has also completed implementation of our new Pacific node in Sydney. As part of CIRA’s deal to provide DNS services to .NZ, the top-level country code for New Zealand, CIRA committed to building-out our capacity and performance in the region. This node opens new global opportunities for CIRA’s DNS portfolio, providing a presence in a growing and dynamic region.

“Our network is continually evolving to meet the needs of both our domestic and international customers,” said Gaudet. “These two new nodes offer a material enhancement of our global capacity and brings our peering relationships to over 3,000 unique networks. We’re excited with the overall affect that this will have on the performance of the D-Zone service.”

CIRA continues to garner significant customer interest in its Anycast service – with nine of Canada’s research and education institutions, a series of Canadian provinces, cities, hospitals, police forces, hosting companies and other organizations connected. The added global capacity has also been beneficial in attracting interest and customers from other top-level domains who seek the protection and performance of properly architected Anycast DNS.

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About the author
Ryan Hill

Ryan Saxby Hill is an expert in communications and digital marketing. He is served as the communications manager at CIRA from 2014-2017. Previously, Ryan led media relations and online engagement efforts at the Canada Foundation for Innovation and has held positions handling global communications and PR programs for Ciena Corporation and Nortel Networks.

Ryan is a founder of Apartment613, an award winning Ottawa-based digital community media organization and serves on the board of directors for the Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, one of Canada’s most innovative non-profit housing providers.