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10 .CA vinyl record shops to get your groove on

Record Store Day 2024 is nearly here! So, here’s our Top 10 list of .CA vinyl record shops to discover and support. You’re guaranteed a groovy find—whether you’re seeking out something truly obscure, or a well-worn classic to toss on your turntable.
By Kira Taylor

Why do we find ourselves in such a…groovy mood right about now?  

Only because we’re coming up on Record Store Day! It’s that most hallowed of days when the audiophiles of the world get together to support their local record shops, binge on vinyl and battle it out over rare Japanese Monkees pressings.  

In the time-honoured tradition of top 10 music charts, we’ve pulled together our top 10 favourite .CA vinyl record shops for you to shop and support. So, roll up your sleeves and start digging through some virtual crates!  

10 .CA vinyl record shops to get your groove on


Kops Records

Kops Records – Toronto, ON  

What better way to kick off this vinyl record guide than with Kops Records?  

It’s been a fixture in Toronto’s music scene since they opened their doors back in 1976. Since then, they’ve expanded to two Toronto locations and a third in Oshawa. Browse their staggering collection of 40,000 new and used titleswith everything from vintage country and blues LPs and rare Japanese pressings, to today’s latest chart-toppers.  

Pro tip: If you find yourself heading to Kops in person, be sure to check if there’s a live, in-store show going on! 

Pop Music Records & Tees – Toronto, ON  

We’ll admit: sometimes vinyl collecting takes you down some strange and winding paths. We’re talking, like, 70s-era Nigerian disco compilations, and funky, freaky French deep house 12” singles. But sometimes, it’s good to reel it in and get back to the mainstream.  

That’s where Toronto’s Pop Music & Tees comes in. They’ve created an ultra-accessible, curated collection of the 3,000 most popular albums of all time. Trying to track down T-Swift’s latest masterpiece? Or a slick new U2 reissue? This is the place for you.  

All killer, no filleras they say in the record biz!  

Phonopolis – Montreal, QC  

Take any Montreal vinyl enthusiast, and we’ll bet you a smoked meat sandwich that a good chunk of their collection came from Phonopolis. Nestled in the ultra-hip and artsy Mile End neighbourhood, Phonopolis is your source for all that’s off-beat, alternative and downright interesting. Definitely the place to take your record collection in new directions!  You’ll also find a healthy portion of their shelf-space dedicated to up-and-coming Montreal artists.    

La Rama

La Rama – Montreal, QC 

And now for a change of pace!  

This tiny but mighty shop was founded by long-time Montreal DJ Kris Guilty and is packed with all the block-rockin’ beats and dancefloor jams you could ever want! Here, you’ll find an expertly picked out catalogue of everything from old-school disco, funk and soul, to experimental electro and house from independent labels around the globe. 

Retro Revolution Records – Halifax, NS  

If it’s vintage vinyl you’re after, and you’re convinced rock n’ roll died after 1989, then Retro Revolution Records should be right up your alley! This Halifax-based, online-only retailer boasts an impressive (and regularly updated) collection of classic rock, pop and R&B from the 60s and 70s. Hunting down those vintage vinyl treasures doesn’t have to break the bank either. So, check out their clearance and overstock sections for some tasty deals. 

Funky Moose Records – Bellevue, SK  

For Dutch ex-pat and Funky Moose founder Mark Poppen, the idea to start an online vinyl shop came from a box of records he had sitting beside his desk. Since then, Funky Moose has grown to include an impressive selection of new and hand-picked used vinyl. They’re also big supporters of the local Sasky music scene. And for a price, they’ll even press your debut album to vinyl and even help distribute it! Now, seeing your own record on their site would be like…vinyl-ception!  

Record Collector’s Paradise – Edmonton, AB  

Straight out of the gate – their name isn’t a case of false advertising! Record Collector’s Paradise boasts of being the biggest vinyl shop in Edmonton and one of the largest in Western Canada. The sheer volume of vinyl on display begs multiple visitsor a multi-hour, wallet-draining marathon.  

Yes, they have plenty of spiffy new releases, but the real charm is in their stockpile of vintage records – everything from original Beatles 45s to 70s Canadiana. Need a turntable? No sweatthey’ve got a wall of gently used audio gear for you to peruse. 

Pro tip: See if you can score a 70s-era Technics SL 1200 turntable. They sound amazing and are nearly indestructible to boot! 


Red Cat Records

Red Cat Records – Vancouver, B.C.  

Named for the paunchy feline that used to patrol the shelves a couple decades back, Red Cat Records is the kind of place that has something to offer just about anyone – whether you’re new to the hobby or a seasoned vinyl hunter.  

Within its bright red-painted walls, you’ll find an ultra-eclectic selection of new reissues and vintage records, along with a super-knowledgeable staff to help you along your vinyl-buying odyssey.   

Audiopile – Vancouver, B.C.  

Every record collector has their personal list of “holy grails.” Those super-obscure, ultra-rare releases that only come up once every blue moon or so. Vancouver’s Audiopile specializes in all things hard-to-find, experimental and avant-garde.  

But alongside the wonderfully weird electropop and odd-ball hip-hop jams, is a generous helping of contemporary Canadian indie, old-school punk – and more.  

Into the Music – Winnipeg, MB  

Winnipeg’s largest independent record storeand open since 1987Into the Music has been called a “browser’s paradise.” That’s due, in no small part, to their absolutely sprawling selection of new and vintage LPs and 45s that span every genre you could imagine. Shopping at Into the Music is an approachable, fun experience for both the hardcore collector and the vinyl novice!  

If you happen to find yourself in the ‘Peg, you might even be able to stop by for a live and intimate in-store show.  

We send our apologies in advance for the bloated credit card bills…but know that you’re supporting these sacred, independently run cathedrals of music AND expanding your sound palette! At the very least, you’ve scored a nice little pile of vinyl that’ll keep you spinning for a good long while.  

Just remember: Record Store Day is every day. So, get out and support your favourite .CA shops with pride!  Happy listening, friends.  

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