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12 can’t-miss Canadian gifts for Mom 2024

By Kira Taylor

Apparently, making pictures out of macaroni and glitter as a gift for your mom isn’t considered cute anymore when you’re a “grownup.” Who knew?  

Don’t worry, thoughyour pals at CIRA have you covered with this list of 12, can’t-miss gifts for your mom from small .CA businesses. You’ll find things here that strike the perfect balance between style and substance, function and sentimental feels. 

Everything here is from local Canadian businesses so you can expect Canada-wide shipping and all prices in CAD! Ah the power of a .CA domain. 

Now put down that package of elbow macaroniand let’s properly spoil your mom!  

Sip n’ savour  

Matcha Essentials Bundle, Genuine Tea

Matcha Essentials Bundle 

This Matcha Essentials Bundle from Genuine Tea comes with everything you need to make a matcha lover out of your mom. The included Kato Matcha Summer Harvest tea pairs brilliantly with a dash of milk and is right at home in a latte or energizing morning smoothie.

$49.99 at
Signature Cookie Gift Box

Signature Cookie gift box 

This is proof that you don’t always need to overthink your gift, while still delivering the goods! Sweet Flour’s cookie boxes are equal parts elegant and delicious, with six mouthwatering flavours (like chocolate chunk and birthday cake). Get a customized cookie box for Mother’s Day or her birthday! 

From $30 at

Colour Bomb wine glass 

Elevate your mom’s “me (wine) time” with a gorgeous, handcrafted Colour Bomb wine glass from Big Eddy Glass Works! She’ll love the sleek, modern feel and pops of colour as she’s sipping on a favourite vino with friends, or proudly displaying it as evidence that you DO have great taste. 

$40.00 at
4 Bag Mix And Match Coffee Pack, Neighbourhood Coffee

4 Bag Mix and Match Coffee Pack 

Everyone knows coffee is the not-so-secret fuel of motherhood! So, deliver the perfect pick-me-up with Neighbourhood Coffee’s 4 Bag Mix and Match Coffee Pack. Every bean is small-batch and artisan roasted, with bold flavours that celebrate Toronto’s diverse neighbourhoods. 

$60.00 at

Style and substance 

Magsafe Phone Power Bank from Kaseme

Magsafe Phone Power Bank 

With great power comes…longer phone battery life. This elegant n’ stylish power bank from KaseMe is a must-have gadget for moms on the go. It simply sticks to the back of an iPhone using a built-in magnet, supplying two to three full charges’ worth of juice! Maybe now you can finally help mom sort out all her pictures and get all her apps updated.

$54.49 at
Weekender Tote from Boes Ltd

Weekender tote 

Made of premium Lycra neoprene, the Weekender tote from Boes Ltd. is that perfect blend of style and functionality. It’s light enough to be mom’s daily driver, and large enough to function as an overnight bag. Heck, it’ll even swallow up a 15” laptop if you’re so inclined. Plus, plenty of pockets to keep everything organized, safe and within easy reach.  

$140.00 at
Custom Pet Portrait From Paint My Pooch

Custom pet portrait 

As much as you’d like to think so…the family pooch probably outranks you in Mom’s eyes. And heyit’s alright…we’ve all been there. So, why not embrace it? Get her a stunning, museum-quality, custom pet portrait from Paint My Pooch and show her it’s all love between you and your fur-sibling.

$59.00 at  

Learn To Embroider Kit from Stitchy Bee

Learn to embroider kit 

Introduce your mom to the ultra-satisfying world of embroidery with this beginner’s embroidery kit from Little Stitchy Bee. Here, you’ll find over two hours of instructional videos and easy-to-follow instructions along with a set of needles, fabrics and hoops. Just be prepared for an influx of all things embroidered for the foreseeable future. 

From $15.00 at

Serious spoil-age (the good kind)  

Waffle Robe From Mode Choc

Waffle robe 

What’s one of the key things you need for some quality home relaxation? A comfy-cozy robelike this one from Mode Choc. Mother dearest will definitely dig the ultra-soft and lightweight waffle fabric as she lights a few scented candles and draws the bath.  

$32.95 at
Rose Spa Gift Box From Splish Splash Handmade Products

Rose Spa gift box  

You’ve got the robe, now bring home a full-on spa experience with this luxurious, rose-themed set from Splish Splash Handmade Products! The set includes a wax, rose-infused scented candle, rose bath bombs infused with essential oils and a fragrant rose soap made with soothing cocoa butter. It might even make your mom forget about the fact she still does your laundry. No guarantees, though.  

$74.95 at


Labradorite Minimalist Necklace From Beads Bangles And Bows

Dainty Labradorite Minimalist Necklace 

From Beads Bangles & Bows features a faceted labradorite stone that gives off dazzling flashes of blue, green or gold as it catches the light. Plusno two stones are completely the same in shape and colour! This minimalist necklace gives off big vintage glamour vibes and pairs well with any look.

$43.25 at
Swell Hoodie From Salt Shop

Swell Hoodie 

Salt Shop’s Swell Hoodie lives up to its nameplus unlike a lot of the fast-fashion stuff floating around, it’s made to last. Your mom will love the oversized, stringless and double-lined hood and slightly cropped waist. Plus, it’ll look great on your mom whether she pairs it with jeans and sneakers or her favourite sweats for a day of lounging.  

$142.00 at


We hope this gift list helps you find a gift for your mom that will bring surprise and delight.. And heymaybe you’ll even get bumped up a few rungs on the “favourite child” rankings. Remember: for all your other gifting needs, you can visit our other .CA Small business gift guides for inspiration year-round!

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Kira Taylor

Kira is the Marketing & Channel Specialist at CIRA. She focuses on content, digital marketing and channel strategies to help Canadian business owners make the right domain choice for their business website so they can find success online.