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20 top all-Canadian
Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone

Shhh! Hear that? It’s the sound of all the world’s card companies collectively rejoicing. It could only mean that another Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us!
By Kira Taylor

We rounded up the resident romantics of the CIRA team and had ‘em pull together a curated .CA gift guide with ideas for everyone that’ll hit just right – whether you’re all in for Valentine’s Day—or not. Also don’t stress, all gifts included are from Canadian businesses so you can expect Canada wide shipping and all prices in CAD! Ah the power of a .CA domain. 

Set the Valentine’s tone with these tasty eats and treats  

Sure, when it comes to Valentine’s gifts, there’s a lot of, “Oh, it’s the thought behind it that counts.” But can we eat (or drink) those thoughts? Nope. But you can eat your feelings.

Hit your special someone right in the sweet spot with these tasty .CA eats and treats.

Valentine's Day gift idea, For my honey bundle from Chandler Honey

Bees always have your back

For my honey bundle

Speaking of sweet spots, you can’t go wrong with this honey. Here’s a taste of what to expect: creamy, organic honey infused with flavours like creme brulee and yuzu and berries.  

$61 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, The totale chocolate from avanaa

Come to the dark (chocolate) side

La Totale 10-bar chocolate package

Montreal-based Avanaa creates true “bean-to-bar” dark chocolate that’s as ethical as it is delicious. Go for the gusto with their “La Totale” package that brings together all 10 of their artisanal chocolate bar flavours, including chai, latte and coffee. Sure, it’s a lot of chocolate to get through, but you need to be willing to make those kinds of sacrifices for love.  

$108.88 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, the warming tea bundle from genuine tea

Tea that truly fills their cup 

The warming tea bundle

Treat your top tea lover to something far better than the typical, boring bagged stuff. Toronto-based Genuine Tea has gained a rep for pulling in the finest, most flavourful whole leaf teas from around the world. Check out their specially curated Warming bundle that brings together four of their coziest (and spiciest) flavours. Perfect for sharing and discovering together!  

$45 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Ba Chua Xu Coffee from Golden Triangle Coffee

For the incurable coffee snob 

Bà Chúa Xứ coffee

Ah, but what if your special someone is craving a solid cup o’ joe? In that case, we heartily recommend a bag of Golden Triangle’s dark-roasted, Vietnamese Bà Chúa Xứ coffee —featuring notes of chocolate and tangerine. Flavourful, aromatic and a true treat for the tastebuds!  

$16.99 at

Thoughtful things for plucking heartstrings  

You don’t want your Valentine’s gifts to be too throwaway. We get it. You’re a sentimental type that wants to go straight for the feels. Here is where you’ll find some of the most thoughtful, heart-stirring gifts from across the .CA domain.  

Valentine's Day gift idea, Rings from emily gill

Craft a custom keepsake 

Bespoke rings 

Let’s start with a classic destination: the jewelry department…but with a twist. Toronto-based goldsmith Emily Gill creates stunning, handmade, bespoke rings meant to be treasured for years to come. It’s the perfect way to give your Valentine something that truly captures their look and personality.   

From $2,000 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Hand Embroidered Heart Map from Sadie and June.

Celebrate your special place 

Hand-embroidered heart map 

Everyone has at least one place on this planet that means something to them. It could be the city where you met, your honeymoon destination, or maybe the all-you-can eat seafood joint where you set a record for crab legs consumed. Celebrate the story of your special place with an ultra-cute, hand-embroidered heart map. 

From $37.50 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Colour block plant pot from common house studio

Elevate the humble houseplant 

Colour block pot planter

Bring pizzaz to your special someone’s houseplants with one of Common House Studio’s lovingly hand-painted plant pots. We love the Colour block pot planter, and how its clean, colourful and modern lines effortlessly zhuzh up any space.  

$90 at


Valentine's Day gift idea, Custom Wooden Puzzle from Palmaris

For the sentimental puzzler in your life 

Custom wooden jigsaw puzzle 

Remember the satisfying feel of an old-school, all-wood jigsaw puzzles? That’s Palmaris’ whole gig. And they create some of the most gorgeous puzzles on this side of .CA! Even cooler: you can create your own custom puzzle from a photo—be it a landscape from your favourite travel spot, or even that great selfie from Cousin Ashley’s wedding. 

From $85 at



A little spoiling and pampering goes a long way 

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a high-stakes, maximum-stress situation. So, slow things down and focus on some quality spoiling and pampering with these gift ideas:  

Valentine's Day gift idea, Deja Brew Coffee Candle from The Copper Bell

It just makes scents! 

“Deja Brew” scented candle 

Sorry—we couldn’t resist the pun. But, in all seriousness, do check out the Copper Bell’s selection of handmade (and cheekily named) soy-based candles. Go with “Deja Brew” for a scent that feels like walking into your favourite coffee shop. 

$24.99 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Luxurious Holiday Scrub & Body Butter Gift Sets from Lovely Body.

Butter ‘em up  

Luxurious holiday scrub & body butter gift set  

As far as pampering goes, you really can’t go wrong with the Lovely Body’s luxurious body butters and scrubs. Pick up one of their winter-themed gift sets, with scintillating scents like peppermint marshmallow, butterscotch swirl and applejack and fir. 

$40 at


Valentine's Day gift idea, Classy Gentleman Liquor gift set from Brocrates

The most man-tastic gifts per square inch  

Classy gentleman liquor basket  

Show the bros in your life some lovin’, by sending them a box packed with whiskey, gourmet snacks, cigars—and more—courtesy of BroCrates. A great place to start is with their Classy gentleman liquor basket, which is about as classy and gentlemanly as it sounds. 

$175 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Hug In A Box gift set from Cheerfetti Gift Co.

Soak, snack and feel relaxed 

“Hug in a box” gift set  

Check out Cheerfetti’s all-Canadian made gift boxes designed with love in mind. For Valentine’s, we love their “Hug in a box” gift set, which includes a luxurious lavender bath soak, facial mask, gourmet shortbread cookies—and more! 

$95 at

Epic and unforgettable Valentine’s date-day experiences 

Are these ideas maybe a little over-the-top vs. your typical dinner-and-a-movie? Sure. But if you’re in the business of creating lifelong memories, here’s a handful of Valentine’s date experiences that will do just thatand more!  

Valentine's Day gift idea,Forest bathing experience by Meander Wellbeing.

Refresh and reconnect in the wild  

Forest bathing experience 

Let’s start with something tranquil and rejuvenating! Victoria, B.C.’s Meander Wellbeing offers Forest bathing, a guided time in the woods meant to get you de-stressed and reconnected with yourself—and nature. 

$50 per hour at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Wine Tasting For Two by Gift Joy

Alons-y a Montregie! 

Wine and cider tasting for two  

Want ALL the date-day options? offers a huge slate of experiences—from chill (romantic dinner for two) to thrill (ziplining in the Laurentians). But for Valentine’s, we suggest keeping it intimate with a wine and cider tasting for two in Quebec’s gorgeous Montregie region.  

$59.99 at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Northern Lights Viewing Tours by Fresh Adventures

Front row at the greatest cosmic light show 

Yukon Northern Lights viewing tour 

In the mood for an adventurous multi-day excursion? Escape to the Yukon for a three-to-five day Northern Lights viewing tour with Fresh Adventures. Just picture it: you and your special someone snuggled up next to a bonfire on the shores of a frozen lake as you take in nature’s most spectacular light show each night. 

$535 – $595 per person at
Valentine's Day gift idea, Intro To wheel throwing pottery class by Cone10

Get your hands dirty 

Intro to wheel throwing class  

Indulge your inner artist by booking an Intro to wheel throwing class  with Montreal’s Cone10 Workshop. In a guided, two-hour session, you’ll learn the basics behind creating unique art pieces from balls of clay.  

$70 per person at

Anti-Valentine’s gift ideas (because you’re still awesome) 

Lookyou do you on Valentine’s Day. If that means lounging in your sweats instead of indulging in all this romantic hoo-hah, that’s fine by us. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil yourself. Here are a few ideas on that front: 

Anti-Valentine's Day gift idea, Funny friendship paper cards by Inkwell Boutique.

Cut out the clichéd cards 

Friendship greeting cards 

Sick of all the sappy, overwrought Valentine’s Cards? Send your besties a friendship card from Inkwell Boutique that’s funny, quirky and sassy in equal parts.  

$6 – $10 at
Anti-Valentine's Day gift idea, Watercolour Pet Portrait by Paint My Pooch

For the person who ADORES their pup 

Watercolour pet portrait  

When the humans in your life break your heart and disappoint, who’s got your back? That’s right: your ever-loyal, furry friend. Immortalize that unbreakable bond with a gorgeous, museum-quality watercolour pet portrait from Paint My Pooch. 

$73 at
Anti-Valentine's Day gift idea, Bow River Shacket from Local Laundry

Nothing but the finest sweats 

Bow River shacket  

As any anti-Valentine-r will tell you, there’s no substitute for comfy clothes. Local Laundry’s Canadian-made Bow River shacket  is super warm (made with 100% cotton fleece), and downright stylish. Whether you’re going out or staying in—the Bow River shacket is a fashion and coziness win. Consider it an official CIRA staff pick!    

$155 at

Anti-Valentine's Day gift idea, Jagged Little Pill vinyl record by Kops Records.

Spin the perfect anti-Valentines soundtrack 

Jagged Little Pill vinyl record 

Do your ears a favour: ditch Spotify and grab yourself a beautiful new slab of vinyl from Kops Records. To keep it Canadian, we humbly suggest the ultimate, belt-able breakup album of all breakup albums: Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill.

$34.99 at

From all of us on the CIRA team, happy Valentine’s or anti-Valentine’s Day! We hope it’s one to remember (or tolerate). Remember: for all your other gifting, spoiling or self-care needs, you can visit our .CA Small business gift guide for inspiration year-round!  

About the author
Kira Taylor

Kira is the Marketing & Channel Specialist at CIRA. She focuses on content, digital marketing and channel strategies to help Canadian business owners make the right domain choice for their business website so they can find success online.