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ADAAWE Indigenous Business Hub: Trading knowledge, inspiring success

Where community and commerce co-mingle 

In the heart of Ottawa, where creativity meets community, lies the ADAAWE Indigenous Business Hub – a vibrant co-working hub dedicated to supporting Indigenous entrepreneurs on the ground level.

Drawing its name from the Algonquin word meaning ‘to trade’ or ‘place of trade’ (which also inspired Ottawa’s name), ADAAWE sets its sights on empowering the next generation of Indigenous creators to unleash their unique stories on the world. Step inside and discover a tech library brimming with resources for digital production, workshops that fuel the entrepreneurial fire, and a collaboration area to connect Indigenous entrepreneurs.


But according to Zachary Pashe, the ADAAWE Hub Team Lead, the organization is more than just a co-working space.

“ADAAWE is a family. You come into the space to be reconnected with your culture and also to incorporate the ways of life into the business side of things.”

Inspired by a vision to connect with Indigenous entrepreneurs by the National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA), ADAAWE has become a thriving haven with over 150 members and counting, where Indigenous entrepreneurs can express their stories, their ideas, and help create Indigenous businesses.

“It’s a place where you can learn how to use your Indigenous background to create something amazing. That’s what makes us really unique.”

Connecting roots: uniting the Indigenous community online 

When it comes to showcasing their talented members and welcoming new ones, ADAAWE didn’t hesitate to dive headfirst into the digital realm. With the support of Indigenous allies in the community, they launched a website that became an online stage for members.

“We live in such a digital era that the website and .CA were such important aspects to showcasing our Canadian Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses,” said Zachary.


The decision to use a .CA domain was no coincidence for the organization.

“ A .CA creates so much comfort in our members when they sign up with ADAAWE. A .CA is our connection to Canada. It makes you feel empowered.”

As their website continues to flourish, so does their membership base, paving the way for exciting new partnerships to create a lasting impact on Indigenous communities.

Thriving together 

In the world of small businesses, where competition can be fierce, ADAAWE knows that true success lies not only in tangible resources but also in the power of community.

With this unwavering belief, CIRA and ADAAWE’s parent organization NACCA will be joining forces as sponsors at Pow Wow Pitch on June 24th to support and uplift aspiring indigenous entrepreneurs.

“There’s so much competitiveness in business, and competition is really great, but our culture really strives to build a sense of community. They have their business ideas and ADAAWE gives them the empowerment to move forward.”

As their membership base continues to grow, ADAAWE’s digital domain has become a virtual gathering place where diverse perspectives are shared, collaborations are formed, and Indigenous-led enterprises thrive. So, whether you’re an Indigenous entrepreneur, creator, mover or shaker in Ottawa seeking a physical space to create or an online platform to connect, ADAAWE is ready to trade!


Ready to bring your great idea online?