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Canadian pride at Mountain Equipment Co-op

A shared passion has seen the Mountain Equipment Co-op connect with over 4.1 million members. The massive community they’ve established is fundamentally based on a love for all things outdoors and a like-minded passion for the environment.

“MEC is undoubtedly an iconic Canadian brand. We strive to ensure that our stores are hubs of outdoor activity,” says Tim Southam, the company’s public affairs manager.

A unique shopping experience

“The store definitely is a community. You can walk up to the bike counter and talk to a bike mechanic. People that share your passion,” says Matt Armstrong, of the member service team.

With a strong focus on community involvement, MEC uses their website to connect with the community at a local level with information regarding clubs, community events, and current projects. This online sense of community mimics the in-store experience. is imperative in helping us connect with our members to get them outside,” says Nicola Gildersleeve, the company’s outreach coordinator.

The MEC website serves as a vital part of the member experience by creating a one-stop location to not only shop but communicate, learn, and socialize with other members.

.CA creates a sense of trust

MEC knows the importance of a .CA domain name their members can trust, because as members they are considered part-owners of the business. The .CA just reinforces the notion that MEC is 100% Canadian and committed to maintaining the brand’s national icon status.

“When Canadians are traveling abroad and they see a MEC backpack, it immediately signifies home. It signifies Canada and likewise signifies MEC as a Canadian entity,” says Southam.

“A proud Canadian entity.”

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