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Cultivating growth: Covert Farms’ journey to regenerative farming

In the picturesque landscape of Oliver, British Columbia, lies the hidden gem of Covert Farmsa family-owned business that has been tending to the land and growing delectable fruits and vegetables since 1959. Fast forward to now, Covert Farms has blossomed into more than just a conventional farm—it’s a winery, an oasis of regenerative farming practices and a hub of family-friendly activities. Follow along on their inspiring success story and how they’ve cultivated not just crops but also a thriving community. 

From conventional beginnings to regenerative transformation 

Covert Farms started as a conventional farm, cultivating tomatoes and onions on their 650 acres of fertile land. However, eighteen years ago, they decided it was time to practice what they preach and start growing their product organicallya momentous decision which led to adopting regenerative farming ten years later. 

“We wanted our product and how we grow it to reflect what we believe in,” says Shelly Covert, proprietor of Covert Farms. 

Embracing five fundamental principles—keeping the ground covered, maintaining a living root, diversification, abstaining from soil tillage and incorporating animals for natural fertilizer—the Covert family carved a path towards sustainable and holistic agricultural practices. 

“It just resonated with us.” 

Covert Farms takes pride in educating visitors about regenerative and organic farming practices. Offering tours twice daily, the farm invites guests to learn firsthand how their choices impact the food on their plates and the land it comes from.  

But Covert Farms doesn’t stop at just education; it fosters a family-oriented atmosphere. Visitors can take part in a plethora of activities, from enjoying private picnics and tasting delectable wine at their winery—complete with kid-friendly juice tastings—to engaging in family games and reveling in live music. It’s a place where everyone can connect with nature and the community. 

Planting seeds online 

Despite being one of the largest farms in the region, Covert Farms struggled with visibility until they embraced the digital world.

Understanding the significance of having a distinct identity, they chose the .CA domain—a testament to their Canadian roots. It shows we’re Canadian. We wanted to make sure we had that differentiation.” 

Their revamped website, regularly updated to stay relevant, became a window into their farm's soul, bridging the gap between their land and green practices, and other people.

Advice for budding entrepreneurs 

For aspiring entrepreneurs venturing into the online world, Shelly says it’s key to seek inspiration from others. “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” she says. “Get inspired by other websites, show your roots with a unique domain, keep your site fresh and stay focused.”  

Just like nurturing a farm, tending to your online presence can lead to sweet success. Plant those digital seeds and watch your dreams grow! 

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