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Mrs. McGarrigle’s spreads the word with

Started 26 years ago by Janet Campbell as a hobby, Mrs. McGarrigle’s fine food now encompasses a mustard and condiment manufacturing operation, retail facility and cooking school serving 300 Canadian stores and restaurants.

Ms. McGarrigle’s now occupies a 3,000 square feet in what was originally a 19th century general store in rural Merrickville, Ontario. And it’s thanks to their .CA website,, that they’ve spread the sale of their gourmet condiments across the country.

Janet was an early adopter of web technology, snagging the amazing domain name 15 years ago. “Most people can’t spell McGarrigle,” Janet says, “so I really wanted to have because that’s our specialty. It’s what we’re known for. So if people were looking for us, it was very easy.”

The .CA web extension was a key component to Janet’s strategy in promoting Mrs. McGarrigle’s online. “With the trends in the food industry in the last 10 years, towards people wanting to know where their food comes from… it’s really important for us to stand out as a small Canadian producer. The .CA does that for you right away.”

A proud, local Merrickville company, the .CA extension also helps Janet connect to the local community. “We run cooking classes,” Janet says, “and that’s always posted on the website. The minute that we post it, we start getting calls right away.”

Janet Campbell, owner and founder of Mrs. McGarrigle's Spreads, with her daughter (left)

An early mompreneur, Janet started Mrs. McGarrigle’s when she was at home with her new baby. Almost three decades later it continues to grow, featuring their local producers to a broad audience hungry for quality products, all through their website, and with her daughter Hailey Lachance as her partner.

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