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Using .CA to communicate local expertise

Jacob Buurma is the founder of Vibrant Content, a design and communications company based in Victoria, British Columbia that helps charities make positive impacts around the world.

“Charities are often so busy doing their work they lose sight of communicating their story. Before long their website grows stale, their logo becomes lifeless, and their message fails to get across,” he said.

Vibrant Content’s website

Vibrant Content currently manages websites and print communications for more than 35 clients and when it comes to their own website, they put their money where their mouth is. It’s simple, well-designed and easy to navigate. You can also see hints of Canadian pride throughout it – including imagery of the Northern Lights and a map centered on Victoria on their Contact page.

Screenshot of the homepage

Why they chose .CA

.CA domains are reserved for individuals or businesses with a Canadian connection. As a result, Buurma says immediately communicates local expertise and familiarity with Canada to prospective clients.

“I started this business around the same time that I became a Canadian citizen. Becoming Canadian was a powerful experience, so it was natural that I chose a .CA even though a .com was available.”

Choosing a .CA for Vibrant Content’s online home has helped the company stand out against American competitors who might not understand the Canadian market.

“Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of Americans come north to provide communications consulting or even to run charities. Some are a good fit, but many have a one-size-fits all approach to Canada and miss important cultural differences.”

“My business is rooted in Canada and the majority of the charities and businesses I work with are in British Columbia and Ontario. Using a .CA signals that I have an inside knowledge of Canadian charities and their unique needs”

Buurma says he has also seen the .CA domain benefit client relations beyond Canadian borders.

“The Canadian flag is a respected symbol throughout the world. This strong reputation spills over to the .CA domain and brings with it a degree of trust in working with international clients. It’s similar to sewing a Canadian flag on your backpack before trekking across Europe.”

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